Save Tawi


Dear Editor,
It is a tradition in Jammu from centuries together that people used to take holy dip in Tawi and worship it, as it was called Surya Putri or the Daughter of Sun God but with the passage of time Tawi has changed its course and has become a polluted river owing to untreated sewage being discharged into it.
Today, it is divided into two branches Tawi and Nikki Tawi and unfortunately both are dying. It is a long time that saving Tawi and maintaining its purity is a subject of debate in the civil society, media and at the court also. The people and Government both agencies owe a responsibility in protecting the river but nothing was done to save Tawi and only debates and arguments were made.
The need of the hour is that people need to understand that polluting the water and obstructing free and smooth flow of water is something that would cause great harm to the society at the end of the day. Bringing awareness among the people is the foremost requirement these days. Social organisations, NGOs and semi-Government organisations need to come forward to save Tawi otherwise, it will die and remains in books and papers only.
D.P Singh (Raju),