Save non-renewable sources for future


Shyam Sudan
With the explosion of population on this globe there is scarcity of every resources for us.industralisation has ruined the entire energy resources at considerable extent. Gradually we are suffering from the shortage of these non-renewable sources of energy. No doubt industrialisation has brought a lot of comfort in our life as compared to our past, but our blind materialistic run has changed the scenario of our energy treasures.
Today we are making progress at a fast pace,but in the coming time, this speed will be curbed when our energy reserves are gradually depleted. Today we are fascinated with charm of our progress and development but in coming future we will become helpless without the availability of these energy reserves. Because these non-renewable energy reserves are very limited on earth as compared to our needs. We are exploiting these energy resources in a very fast manner. Today we have observed that there is hike in petrol prices across the world.
Moreover our coal reserves are also declining with a rapid pace due to our continuous mining activities. It takes thousands of years for these resources to be made in the earth. Today we are also eroding the forests very fast. Due to construction of roads and mining activities, we are losing our upper most layer of soil and land. Now a days the entire world is suffering from the scarcity of potable water.
Our water level is declining due to less precipitation activities. Today our all modernization depends upon the availability of our energy reserves. Those nations who has less amount of these energy reserves is slower in the race of advancement and modernisation. But those nations who have sufficient stock of these energy reserves, exploit these in a careless way.
The formula of reduce, reuse and recycle is the only plausible solution to meet our challenge of energy needs in present scenario. We can’t stop the pace of our development because we can’t ignore the comfort of human civilisation. But we can judiciously utilize our resources to meet our requirements. There is an urgent need to establish an alignment and synchronisation with our needs and demand, because our non-renewable energy resources are limited and very meagre as compared to our needs.
Unfortunately human society as present is totally dependent on these non-renewable sources as a primary source of their energy requirements. Our great percentage of energy demands comes from our fossil fuel. Now it is the need of the hour that we also pay attention to other sources. Wind and solar energy are the better alternative for us at present moment. Both these sources are available for us in unlimited supply. Moreover, these are also very clean sources of energy without the emissions of carbon content.
As we know due to carbon emissions from our non-renewable energy resources we are suffering from the problem of various kinds of pollution. We must adopt various ways to conserve our soil, water, biodiversity and indispensable forests.
There is need of a coordinated planning for sustainable use of our non-renewable sources. Every individual can participate in saving our non-renewal energy resources by its postive contribution. Our small contribution towards this direction can stop the wastage and exploitation of non renewable sources.
We have to start it from our house instead of looking at the Government or other institutions. This earth is a safe place for all of us to live. It is the duty of all of us to use it and the things available on it in a cohesive manner. If we use these energy resources in right way, then we will give a safe and prosperous place to the generations, to come.