‘Save Animals Value Environment’ calls on SSP Jammu



JAMMU: ‘Save Animals Value Environment’ (SAVE) members met Shridhar Patil, SSP Jammu, in order to express gratitude and appreciation of animal lovers for his team’s quick response to animal abuse case reported by organisation in Domana, wherein a Pitbull used for illegal dog-fight was brutally shot dead by its owner. A FIR was lodged against two persons in the case after intervention of SSP Jammu. Body of dead dog and weapon was also recovered by a team led by SHO Domana, Inspector Chanchal Singh and culprits were arrested.
Members of SAVE also apprised SSP Jammu about rising spew of cruelty cases being reported in Jammu, specially recent incident of a German Shepherd dog being shot in Rajeev Nagar Colony. Shridhar Patil lauded animal lovers’ dedication to service of mute creatures and understood hardships faced by them and their struggles to get FIRs lodged, culprits arrested and sometimes even having to see culprits walk out freely for lack of evidence. He, however, gave assurance to support the cause of voiceless animals in future too as he himself considered animal welfare a noble cause.
The delegation comprised of Rumpy Madan, Patron-in-Chief; Adeep Mehta, Chairman; Ravinder Kaul, Vice President; Hemu K, General Secretary; Dr Manisha Sarup, Joint Secretary and Sudhanshu, Vishal & Himanshi.


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