Satguru Mata Sudiksha’s message to humankind on 73rd annual Nirankari Sant Samagam



JAMMU: Human values should be prioritized and given due importance over materialistic pursuits, this was the clarion call given by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Maharaj, in her message to mankind on the commencement of the 73rd Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam on Sunday.
This Samagam had to adorn a virtual format due to the prevalent scenario of COVID-19 and is being viewed by the entire Nirankari fraternity and God loving people in the country and abroad with unabated enthusiasm to rededicate themselves to the cause of humanity.
Referring to the spread of COVID-19, Satguru Mata mentioned that how it has impacted each and every individual by disturbing one’s routine schedules and the many lessons it has had in store for us. Materialistic attributes viz: wealth in the form of money, beautiful homes, expensive cars to travel in and so on were rendered unutilized as per the conditions prevailing during the lockdown.
“Thereby, assigning due credence to the saying of saints and sages that all the wealth is an illusion and guided us to focus on Human Values. They always showed us the path of imbibing human values of love, humility, compassion and mercy while giving due importance to materialistic gains by treating them as means to dwell only. They taught us to live with detached attachment,” she said.
Satguru Mata further explained that during the lockdown everyone had to be indoors and wherever love prevailed; ties grew stronger. Where love for one another increased, the feeling to serve mankind also grew stronger and everyone arose to help all those affected either in their individual capacity or through institutions. Rising above manmade barriers they endeavoured to provide relief to all, driven by the feeling of Universal Brotherhood; thus following the path of humanity is the only true religion. Nirankari Mission was amongst other institutions who came forth with all the possible resources and measures to provide relief to the needy.
Satguru Mata quoted that let’s love; not because we have to but, because it’s the only way forward. The more we head towards Truth; the more stable we shall become. While treating resources with detached attachment as mere necessities and live a life full of love, compassion, humility, tolerance, large heartedness and respect for all as this is the only path to tread on.


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