Role of Civil Society


Dear Editor,
Through the columns of your paper I like to sensitize the people about the role of civil societies towards development. When we speak of the government policies, with regard to their implementation and benefits to the common man in the society, there are always conflicting statements being made by those on the platform of the political party in government and those on the other side of the table. Thus the facts remain a mystery and factual position subsides. In this way if works are executed substandard and not according to norms, its benefit goes to the kitty of the executing agency and the sufferer is the beneficiary. In this situation the role of civil societies comes into plays that are considered as watch dogs. But we find that we are ‘critics’ only and never take initiative and never come forward as a civil society group to act as ‘Social Auditors’ for those works which are meant for our benefits for an effective check on the executive action and to hold such agencies accountable to the society.
The civil society conveys the problems of people to the proper authority and by doing this the civil society ensures justice for common people. The civil society is, in this sense, the friend and guide of people. The support of a civil society as a whole increases the tolerance and understanding of people towards the rules of the government and the democratic power also supports the civil society to play the role of advisory for better implementation of laws.
Mahadeep Singh Jamwal,