Road safety is a concern for all irrespective of gender, colour or creed. It is a matter of fact that lack of etiquettes on road is becoming much dangerous for lives of citizens. Road safety is a priority and concern to all of us and there is a need of regularly reinforcing the same among people. The true costs of accidents are rarely assessed, and can only be of full value if assessed to formulate future projections of loss probability and effective safety management. It seems as if no one is interested in striking at root of traffic problems which is lack of education among drivers.
The road users should avoid driving recklessly. The other examples include using phone while driving, driving when you are sleepy, driving under influence of drugs or alcohol and playing loud music while driving. If the authorities are interested in proper traffic management, the RTOs need to be modernised and upgraded.
No one follows the traffic rules in real sense and even not traffic police. Bikers are often a headache and we need to focus more on such offenders.
Roads are a mess today not because of the bad quality of work, but bad planning. Lane sizes, pedestrian crossings, traffic signals or left-turns are poorly designed. We should fix these at the earliest. All such reckless acts can be overcome by taking some steps such as using Bluetooth phone devices when receiving or making a call while driving.
Duty timings of traffic cops should also be extended to man this busy junction to check erring motorists. Many people drive at 6-7 in evening with their high-beams on, which blinds driver on the opposite side for sometimes. Also, lane-driving must be made mandatory. Drivers must be sensitized about the rights of the pedestrians.
Lack of knowledge about correct use of high-beam headlamps creates problem at night.
People just get a license with little knowledge about honking and lighting norms. As such, all necessary measures should be taken by the administration to impart necessary awareness among people in general and drivers in particular regarding traffic acts and laws. Proper camps or programmer should be organised at school level to inculcate the habit of safe driving among the children right from very tender age.
They should be inspired to ask their parents top follow all traffic laws with proper care. Further, necessary checking drives and camps are must for ground level implementation of these rules, as without that all these measures would be fruitless.
Stringent laws against drunk and rash driving, proper and effective enforcement of laws and the tough and sincere judiciary in dealing with the accidents alone have a positive effect in dealing with the ever growing accidents. Cops tend to overlook bikers who ride without a helmet and indulge in rash driving, but they fine someone, who may be in a hurry to reach hospital, for overspeeding. If people drive more sensibly, ours roads will be safer for all.
Let’s stop giving excuses, instead look for solutions on the basis of suggestions received from experts and concerned citizens. People must be taught road etiquette, which could reduce 50 per cent of disarray on streets.
Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit