Rising above narrow religious & caste considerations


S.K. Khushu

Rising above the narrow religious & caste considerations & limitations like egoism, prejudice against a particular section or community, personal likes & other elements of subjectivity, I as a concerned, conscientious, well meaning & above all one who has like millions of fellow beings been a victim to the ongoing terrorism of well over three decades ——-brutally battered & emotionally hurt, feel goaded by my inner consciousness not only to protest against crimes against humanity that include the select killing of duty bound innocent people like Rahul Bhat, police officers & the like but also to seek answers to my simple questions from the perpetrators of such heinous crimes that too, unfortunately in the name of religion/Jihad:
As per my understanding, the fundamental teachings, sermons, pronouncements, doctrines, Do’s & Don’ts are common to all religions. What differentiates between any two religions, in respect of the fundamental teachings at least, is different interpretations given to them that mostly arise from difference in understanding as also from the fact that some element of subjectivity also plays its part.
For instance, the meaning of the word ‘Jihad’ often used to justify violence & killings. If I am correct in the truest sense of the word, it means battling the conflicting ideas weighing one train of thoughts against the other, attempting serious introspection & more importantly to kill the evil in one’s heart. ‘Jihad’ as against the interpretation of misleading Mullahs, did not mean waging a war against peaceful nation or commuting atrocities on unarmed & innocent fellow human beings. Islam, if I have understood it well, is against such inhuman acts. So, my dear Muslim brethren why do you not raise your voice against such misleading interpretation of Jihad? Is it not a crime against humanity & sin before God Almighty?
Secondly, Who is a Kafir, again a often used term? Is a non Hindu or Kashmiri Pandit a Kafir?
Like any other religion, Islam preaches equality before God, for, we all are his children.
When he is the sole creator of this world, why these man-created distinctions on the basis of caste, religion, creed etc.? A Kafir is a non-believer in God—–an atheist. One who believes in God, whatsoever be the form & manner of worship, or whatever his faith, is not a Kafir by any standards. It is clearly enshrined in the holy Quran itself. So, to use this misunderstood to justify innocent killings of a community of a different aim is again a sin before God. Islam also preaches mutual respect for different faiths. Why should the well-meaning Muslims not object to misleading indoctrination by vested interests?
Dear brethren, God cannot bless the perpetrators of crimes against humanity with a place in heaven with 72 hareems (hooras) at their service. This is unacceptable to the right thinking God fearing people. Please, dear brothers & sisters, do listen to your inner conscience & stop all this.
The unforgettable & bone chilling Wandhama massacre of 24 innocent KPs , the murder of the owner of Bindroo Chemists, the killing of dutiful police men & civilians dubbing them as informers (Mukhbirs) etc. to name only a few were all unjustifiably killings and not a single Muslim came out openly against these atrocities why? Some Muslims justify these killings saying that in places like Gujarat Muslims have been killed. This is ridiculous. Is there any instance of the killing of a Muslim by a KP? No! We are peace loving people. We do not possess and wield AK -47, or even a knife. We do not possess any weapon. We do not believe in violence. We have always stood for communal harmony. I can firmly and surely say that the grounds on which killings are committed & the talk of being blessed with a place in heaven with 72 hareems waiting on the so called Jihadis do not find acceptance with any conviction even in Pakistan. I have been watching Pak TV Channel with the lady anchor cornering Imams over such beliefs.
So, dear Muslim brethren, please follow the diktats of your prophet in letter & spirit so that further unjustified crimes like innocent killings are stopped forthwith. God be with us all.
There is no point in resorting to dirty politics. What politicians say they never mean it. When on chair they speak one thing and once out of chair their tone gets changed. They befool people. So, act upto your own conscience. It is a fervent appeal to you all.
To the fellow KPs, I would request you all not to question the sagacity of KPs choosing to serve in Kashmir. They had no option but to avail themselves of the opportunity in the absence of any better opportunity. After all , the young KPs who are not tech savvy or not highly qualified to get a job in the corporate sector, are left with no choice but to work in government departments under such packages. We too have failed to create or arrange jobs for them that are relatively safe. We must not harp on such baseless issues. What we must instead do is to take up the security issue with the central leadership; alternatively, we must strive hard for their transfer & adjustment in Jammu province till such time as the militancy is not completely eradicated. Lastly political blunders of the past committed by the leaders, the hollow misleading promises made as far back as the accession (time) can in no way be considered as the reasons for the present turmoil or to justify terrorism and killings of innocents in Kashmir.
In the end I implore the central authorities to kindly provide adequate security to the vulnerable people in Kashmir and fight out terrorism with renewed vigour & determination. There has already been blood- shed in the past 32 years & no more of it should be there. I hope all Kashmiri Pandits and even our Muslim brothers come out of slumber and work for peace and harmony.