The way the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has declared that no one will be allowed to create disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir is the right spirit because the current spell of terrorism can only be ended by aggressive posturing as it has been seen that defensive approach is not that efficient. Taking a step forward, the Lieutenant Governor has pledged to eliminate terrorism and its ecosystem in the Union Territory. As LG Sinha has affirmed his resolve to end vicious cycle of violence in J&K, there is dire need that people should also cooperate in this fight against terrorism because ultimately they are the one who are affected due to this scourge either directly or indirectly. The point raised by LG Sinha is quite significant that youth in J&K should isolate those giving shelter and support to the terrorists who actually are the enemies of humanity. It is time for one and all in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to uphold peace and harmony and defeat the forces of disruption threatening human lives. For this, people can help administration by acting as its ears and eyes and sharing any information which can prove useful for apprehending or eliminating the terror mongers and their supporters. Already many soldiers have sacrificed their lives to uphold country’s unity and territorial integrity and the endeavour is still continuing with soldiers fighting terrorism both in hinterland as well as borders with Pakistan. The situation lately has become grim with terrorists attacking soft targets and killing people belonging to minorities thus calling for an all out attempt to end this violence once and for all. The people should stand shoulder to shoulder with government in its resolve to restore complete peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir. A few days back, the LG has asserted that the work is on to dismantle the entire ecosystem of terror in J&K and today’s assurance is step forward in the same direction showing the strong resolve of the government in restoring complete peace. It is known to all that terror mongers involved in targeted killings have already been eliminated with no exceptions thus making it amply clear that what the LG is saying about eliminating all terrorists is true to the hilt and soon this will become a reality.