Restore Statehood before holding assembly elections in J&K: UDA



JAMMU: United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Convener, Rajiv Mahajan, on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to show political will and take necessary follow-through action by restoring Statehood before holding assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir. Mahajan congratulated people of J&K for their overwhelming participation in DDC elections exemplifying level of their commitment to a vibrant democracy in J&K.
“Recently concluded elections should be a reason for Government of India to ponder over and explore viable possibilities for J&K’s progressive, respectful and accommodative association while restoring Statehood and preserving the peoples’ domicile rights on their land and jobs,” Rajiv said.
“People in all the regions and sub-regions of J&K are unhappy with the Union Territory status and feel completely disgruntled and disempowered within the existing administrative structure,” he said, adding that massive participation of the people in DDC elections is reflective of their innate desire for a real democratic structure available to residents of other States. Mahajan said that development activities in J&K have come to a standstill since last year and present dispensation should try to redress issues of the common masses which is missing since the unfortunate reorganisation of J&K. “A vibrant democratic and political system is imperative for a stable Jammu and Kashmir. In absence of an elected democratic set-up there can never be desired peace, prosperity and development in the region,” he added.


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