‘Resolve farm bills face-off before it spiral out of control’



JAMMU: Urging Government to resolve conflict with farmers, before it spiral out of control, Colonel S S Pathania, President Sainik Samaj Party, JKUT said that a deadlock, almost 18 days old and numerous meetings between government and Farmer’s leaders, have failed in resolving the issue, and both sides seems to be hardening their stand.
In a press statement issued here, Colonel Pathania said that there is something terribly, amiss as when Government claims that these three bills have been brought up for betterment and uplift farmers’ community but farmers are opposing it vigorously. Government probably undermined reaction from farmers and on Monday, thousands of them laid a seize on Delhi by blocking most of the routes. Joining of women and children to support agitation is definitely an ominous sign, and Government must take cognizance of it, he added. “Though, three bills brought out does have some positive points, but trust deficit between farmers and government is very obvious, and one of the reasons, where solution, is not visible in the near horizon. Government on its part has shown the wisdom by giving assurance that MSP will not be withdrawn and APMCs too will not be disbanded. Farmers, too must not show adamancy, and resolve the issue in such a manner, that it remains a win-win situation for both the factions. Prolonging, the agitation, is not in interest of either government or farmers.


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