Repair damaged bridge & roads at Bhour Pind


Dear Editor,
Aadarsh Bhartiya Samaj took serious note of poor condition of bridge and roads and observed that there is a need of repairing damaged Bridge on Balol Nallah crossing through Ward No 1 and 2 Bhour Camp at Bhour Pind along with a approaching road to it which was damaged and is in dilapidated condition due to floods in August 2020. It is not in a state condition to be used for vehicles yet it is used by locals at their own risk of life and property as it has not been closed by the concerned department till date. Ex ASI Mohinder Kumar Raina alongwith Pt Chaman Lal Sharma visited the spot and approached your goodself through the medium of your esteemed newspaper to draw the attention of authorities concerned for repairing of damaged portion of bridge and approach road to avoid any untoward incident at the earliest besides making it safe, secure and functional for conveyance of general public.
Aadarsh Bhartiya Samaj.


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