Reckless driving causing accidents


Dear Editor,
Occurance of accidents and accidental deaths is a common news these days. Every now and then we hear loss of precious lives in road accidents while many get, injured. We have lost many precious lives in accidents and the main reason behind accidents is reckless driving and violation of traffic rules.
Making a mockery of traffic norms, reckless driving continues unabated despite massive awareness campaigns on safe driving and obeying traffic rules. Reckless driving and over speeding seem to be a new trend among the youngsters, thus becoming a main reason behind accidental deaths.
Posing a threat to people and themselves, youth without helmets, are violating traffic rules. During the peak morning and evening hours one can easily notice these underage drivers driving recklessly on the roads. This attitude not only puts lives of people in danger but at times, led to tragic accidents, bringing grief to many families.
The fault is not only of the youngsters but also of their parents who allowed them with bikes, neglecting the norms of traffic department.
These underage students make mockery of the norms. They not only violate the rules by riding, hi-speed bikes without license but can also be seen driving without helmets, documents, jumping traffic signals and
using mobile phones while driving.
Parents also need to understand how dangerous it could be to drive without helmets and moreover, underage driving should be avoided. The need of the hour is that one should make parents and youngsters aware about the traffic laws and make them understand that if Government has made law that only those having age more than 18 years can drive and get driving license there must be some reason behind it and we all need to respect and obey the same. It is always better to understand the things well in time then to repent on them later. I request all parents to make sure that their children follow traffic rules with all safety equipments and documents before allowing them to drive.
Sunita Koul,
Talab Tillo.


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