Re-schedule timings of Warehouse establishments: Sham



JAMMU: Sham Lal Langar, Convener Industries and Trade Cell, BJP J&K has appealed to the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to reschedule the timings for opening of shops in Warehouse during Corona curfew. In a statement issued here today, the senior BJP leader also expressed serious concern over the alleged shortage of essential commodities especially on the outskirts of Jammu and other districts of Jammu province. Sham Langar said while it is necessary to impose strict Corona curfew to arrest the fast spread of the deadly virus, at the same time there is a need for the administration to ensure that none suffers on account of supply of essential commodities. He claimed that the timing schedule announced by the government for various establishments is resulting in difficulties to a substantial section of the people who are unable to receive the essential supplies. In this context, Langar specifically referred to the Warehouse schedule for opening of shops. He said that presently Warehouse is opening only on alternate days from 6 AM to 10 AM and this time slot is far from sufficient for the traders to cater to the needs of local retail shopkeepers. He added that moreover, this schedule is all the more inconvenient for the traders of other districts thus resulting in severe hardship to them.
The senior BJP leader appealed to the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to reconsider the working schedule for the Warehouse traders during the ongoing crisis. He suggested that the Warehouse establishments should be allowed to function on a daily basis for the local traders of Jammu district and it should also be allowed to function from 10 AM to 1 PM for the traders of other districts of Jammu region. Langar asserted that this would not only do away with the difficulties faced by the traders but would also ensure that people across Jammu province do not face any shortage of essential supplies.
He said that in view of Warehouse supplying more than 150 essential commodities to the all ten districts of Jammu region, it has become inevitable to reschedule the timings for functioning of Warehouse establishments during Corona curfew which is expected to last longer in view of the prevailing situation.