Rana seeks roadmap for tackling burgeoning unemployment in J&K



JAMMU: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Thursday exhorted the Jammu and Kashmir administration for drawing a roadmap to tackle the burgeoning unemployment, saying the educated unemployed besides skilled and unskilled workforce are undergoing a most traumatic phase with no prospect virtually in sight.
“Despondency is gripping the youth due to bleak future on the employment front”, Rana said at a brief function here this afternoon held to welcome youth activists in the National Conference fold.
Rana said the burgeoning unemployment remains a major cause of concern and source of frustration for both educated unemployed and huge skilled and unskilled workforce. In this context, he pointed to the availability of a whopping number of vacancies which need to be filled on the fast-track basis.
“Employability is yet another factor that has added to the unemployment due to non-availability of jobs”, Rana said adding this remains a major issue notwithstanding the fact many skill development schemes initiated in the past. However, he said, a clear cut road map on skill set development, linked to employment is needed to be identified and addressed.
Welcoming the public spirited youth into the party fold, Rana said National Conference has always provided a platform to young leaders to grow and lead the society in different capacities. He hoped the youth would become a powerful engine to carry forward the cherished message of brotherhood and amity, especially at a time when society is ridden with intolerance.
Rana exuded confidence that the public spirited young people will play their useful role in forging bonds of amity between various segments of society. He reminded the participants of their responsibilities towards strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and inclusiveness among youngsters in particular in the true spirit of the J&K’s composite cultures.
The Provincial President also urged the youth to channelize their energies for steering Jammu and Kashmir to peace, progress and prosperity.
Rana congratulated the new entrants and hoped their joining will further strengthen the party at grass roots level and enable it to meet the challenges faced to the people with much more vigour.
Prominent among those who joined the National Conference included Imran Sheikh, Raj Bhatar, Lucky, Akhil Gupta, Lovely, Masood, Sahil, Akash, Vicky, Sourav, Vasu, Kalu, Ayan Mughal, Lakhan, Sonu, Rahul Sharma, Rohit Gupta, Munna, Sanjay Singh, Raman Kumar, Vinay Sharma, Akash, Arjun Singh, Rohan Sharma, Ajay Sharma, Sachin, Virat, Chandan, Nazir Ahmed, Vishal and others. The new entrants were profusely greeted by senior leaders including Provincial Secretary Sheikh Bashir Ahmed, Sajjad Shaheen District President, Sandeep Singh, Tejinder Singh and others.