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Rakesh Gupta refutes allegations, makes public financial status of JCCI


JAMMU: Refuting allegations leveled on him regarding financial position of Jammu Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI), the outgoing President Rakesh Gupta on Thursday said that a baseless misinformation campaign has been unleashed by some mischievous members of JCCI just with a malafide motive to malign and tarnish his image.
While addressing a press conference, Gupta said that by unleashing a baseless misinformation campaign, they have not only tried to defame me but also tried to put a question mark on transparent working of prestigious institution of CCI, which at a point of time they represented in different capacities and got name & fame, clearly exhibiting their insincerity towards the Apex body of Trade & Industry in Jammu.
He further said, “First of all let me make it clear to one and all that when I took over as President JCCI for my first term in 2014 (June ending), the liabilities were more than Reserves. As President JCCI, I inherited a negative balance-sheet i.e., in minus more than approximately Rs 30 lakh after taking into consideration a whooping liability of Rs 61 lakh that was due to be paid to Jammu Development Authority. I would further like to clarify that on February 19, 2020 when working of JCCI came to a grinding halt, financial position i.e., credit balances in JCCI’s bank accounts as on that very date were J&K Bank Bahu Plaza, Rs 1,50,42,000 (Including FDRs); IDBI Bank Rail Head Complex, Rs 63,67,000; CCB Bank Vinayak Bazar Rs 5,36,000 and JCCB Bank Bahu Plaza, Rs 30,000,” he asserted. “I would like to mention in particular that credit balance lying in proposed JCCI CLUB’s bank account after paying GST was Rs 2,41,00,000. Further, the Sundry Debtors that included annual subscriptions dues from Members and Rent receivable upto March, 2020 (BSNL & Others), by CCI Jammu was approximately Rs 71,40,000. I would also like to mention that in addition to the figures given above which clearly show CCI’s & JCCI Club’s Bank Reserves as on February 19, 2020 to the tune of more than Rs 5 crore. I was also able to receive CDF funds to the tune of Rs 40 lakh from Jugal Kishore Sharma sitting MP, Kavinder Gupta Ex Dy CM, Priya Sethi Ex-Minister and Ashok Khajuria Ex-MLC. I also managed and received grant in aid from J&K Administration Finance Department of Rs 50 lakh totaling to Rs 90 lakh for upgradation of Infra of Chamber House first time ever in the history of CCI, out of which Rs 65 lakh was spent in 2017. Further, before my tenure, the Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry had never filled even an Income Tax Return,” he added.
Giving a challenge to his opponents in the fray for Post of President JCCI in ensuing elections for a debate on TV, Gupta said, “I challenge all opponents in general and Y V Sharma in particular, to make public his personal balance-sheet of 2009 and 2014 i.e., when he took over as President and when he left. I shall do the same for my tenure from 2014 & 2020. Let the members of CCI and people at large know the facts that would speak volumes. Figures don’t lie. People can. This is the journey of JCCI from 2014 (June) to 2020 (Feb), which I scripted.”



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