Puri accuses Congress of ‘instigating’ protests over farm laws


New Delhi: Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri accused the Congress on Friday of spreading “canards” over the recent farm laws and “instigating” protests, while taking a swipe at the party on the absence of many of its members in the Rajya Sabha when these bills were passed.

“Even their senior leader, Rahul Gandhi, was vacationing abroad when the voting took place. The party is clearly imploding. It should rather bother about holding its remnants together than stoking fire in the country,” Puri said in tweets.

Citing a Hindi idiom, the Union civil aviation minister alleged that the Congress is warming its hands while setting the houses of others on fire.

“Congress is doing precisely that. It points out non-existent flaws in Farm Bills, spreads canards & instigates protests. If it wanted to block the bills why were the party MPs not present in full force during RS voting?” he asked.

“Our farmers have played a positive role in putting food on our table and in making the green revolution,” Puri said while reiterating the Centre’s stand that if they have any concerns about the farm laws, it will sit across the table and resolve those.

A section of the farmers has been protesting against three farm laws, demanding their repeal.

The government has ruled out any such move but has added that it is open to changes in the legislations to address the concerns of the protesting farmers.

Opposition parties, including the Congress, have backed the protesting farmers and asked the government to concede to their demands. (PTI)


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