Pujaris aggrieved by anti-corruption measures: Dharmarth Trust



JAMMU: J&K Dharmarth Trust (DT) has taken serious note of the malpractices being adopted by some Pujaris of the ancient Raghunath Temple.
In a statement issued here today, the Spokesperson of the Trust said that on June 1, 2020, the Trust has abolished the Thali system following the numerous public complaints regarding misappropriation of Chadawa/ donation by Pujaris at the Raghunath Temple. “The Trust Management has abolished the Thali system and only secure Dan Patras were permitted for collection of Chadawa in the interest of the general public and devotees. This strong action against corrupt Pujaris was very unpopular among the Pujaris who remained agitated and disgruntled with the reform and disciplinary measures,” he said. Following numerous complaints from the public and various fronts over the last one year, the Trust management has taken several strong disciplinary measures against corrupt employees and Pujaris. “Several employees and Pujaris were found to be indulging in misappropriation of donations, properties and resources of the Trust,” he said. “The same corrupt employees and Pujaris after being punished by the Trust are now making unreasonable demands and allegations against the Trust for their ulterior motives,” he said.
The Trust respects the contribution of all its honest and dedicated employees and Pujaris and also committed to address their reasonable demands and grievances over due time. However, the Trust has zero tolerance for corrupt Pujaris and employees who are trying to extort and blackmail the trust management for their personal motives. People having vested interest who are supporting such corrupt elements, should be bewared before associating with such people, he added.
Dharmarth Trust has an unblemished record of promoting State’s heritage and ensuring public welfare without any prejudice on the basis of religion, region or ethnicity. The Trust is working relentlessly for promoting the traditions, legacy and cultural ethos of the region besides providing succor to the needy and underprivileged to enable them to live a life with pride and dignity.


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