Programme yourself to feel happy always


The pursuit of happiness has a different dimension and involves conscious choices. It is not a rat race for money, achievement or power. Swami Rama Tirtha had said, “Your only duty in life is to be happy”. We often end up doing everything else except be happy.
Happiness is contagious. A person bursting with good spirits touches people with his joyful glow. It could be a street sweeper cheerfully greeting morning walkers or a waiter making people laugh with his witty exchanges, as he serves them. On the other hand, a stressed-out executive spreads gloom around him. People quietly walk away from despondent vibes, he exudes.
Happiness draws us to a higher purpose. Our brains are wired to seek people, situations and events that bring joy, cheer and happiness. Joyful people are fun to be with. They work better and are more generous – with their money, time and their
We tend to get engulfed in feelings of deprivation, want and deficiency. Instead, why not wake up to abundance you have been blessed with? You have plenty of resources, energy, time and everything you need. Be aware of all that has been bestowed on you and there will be no place for depression, sadness or
By Jaya Row Mumbai


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