Practical applicability of Physics


Satish Chandel

The word ‘Physics’ comes from Greek word ‘fusis’ meaning nature. This word was introduced by the ancient Scientist Aristotle in year 350 B.C. The branch of Science which is devoted to study of nature and natural phenomenon is called Physics.
The nature around us is colourful and diverse. It consists of so many phenomenon of large varieties. Formation of days and nights, seasons of year, the winds, the waters, the planets, the rainbow, energy coming from sun, energy from nucleii, and so on, the list is endless. It is expected that all events in nature take place according to some basic laws. The subject of Physics reveals these basic laws from day to day observations, thus making it is the most basic of all the branches of Science.
The scope of Physics is very wide i.e. the domain of Physics covers a wide variety of natural phenomenon. For example, the range of distances vary from (ten raise to power -15) 10^-15(size of proton), to (ten raise to power 25) 10^25 ( size of the universe). Similarly the range of masses included in the study of Physics varies from (ten raised to power -30)10^-30 (mass of electron) to ( ten raised to power 55)10^55( mass of universe). Even the time intervals of events we come across in Physics vary from (ten raise to power -22)10^-22 to (ten raised to power18) 10^18( life time of sun). The study of Physics is exciting in many ways. There are so many examples like live transmission of events thousands kilometres away on television, Numerous uses of mobile phones, STD, ISD, Fax, pager, social media network etc., The speed, memory and accuracy of computers, use of Robots, journey to space, moon and other planets like mars etc., with controls from the ground, technological advances in Medical Science, lasers and its ever-increasing applications, exploring the new sources of energy, study of varoius types of forces in nature, weather forecasting and remote sensing techniques and so on.
As Physics involves a basic study of various phenomenon, it can rightly be regarded as the most fundamental of all the Sciences. Physics has played a key role in the development of many other branches of sciences including Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Astronomy, Mathematics, Biophysics, Geology, Geography, Metrology, Oceanology, Seismology, Medical Science, Engineering etc. The development of all branches of Science is directly related to the progress of Physics.
Most of the developments of Physics have a direct impact on society. It has changed fate of the society. Development of cellular phones , telephone, telegraphy, telex enable us to transmit messeges instantly, the development of radio, television, satellite have revolutionised the means of communication, advancement in electronics, computers, Lasers have greatly enriched the society, Rapid means of transport are no less importance in society, Exploration of new sources of energy is of great significance to the society and so on.
Physics is in relation to technology. Technology is the applications of principles of Science (Physics) for practical purposes. For instance, generatione of electricity is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, means of transport using steam engine, petrol engine diesel engine etc. are based on laws of thermodynamics, means of communication e.g. Radio, Television, STD, ISD, Fax, pager and cellular phones all are based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves, generation of power from Nuclear reactor is based on phenomenon of controlled nuclear chain reactions, propellation of rockets is based on Newton’s second and third laws of Motion, Aeroplane flies on basis of Bernoulli’s theorem, Lasers are based on the phenomenon of population Inversion, Medical Science uses X-Rays for diagnostic purposes, Computers and calculators uses principles of superconductivity and digital electronics, Lifts used in large buildings are based on Newton’s law of Gravitation and so on.
In short, we can say that Physics has unfolded the mystery of nature. It explains the phenomenon in nature. In our day today life, from very early morning when we woke up from bed by listening alarm of clock, mobile phone etc., we start using Physics in bathrooms, in kitchens, in offices, in our homes till we go to bed and sleep timer operates in our phone or T.V. etc. And even there after during sleeping in our bed rooms like use of fans, coolers, heaters, ACs etc. So it becomes the part and parcel of our life. It made our life easy and comfortable. It is very difficult for us to live without the use of Physics.


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