Poor Mental Health: Not a stigma


In this pandemic, when people are suffering from Abnormal Mental Health issues like Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder. One Life Infinite Happiness (OLIH) started on 7th July 2020, an organisation (an affiliate of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Foundation) aims for decrease in overall cases of Abnormal Mental Health. OLIH consists of Mentors, Professionals and internees. As the cases of Abnormal Mental Health are increasing day by day, due to pandemic people are not getting facilities. OLIH works on principle of connecting the dots, that is, all the services must be provided within a single platform. OLIH with the help of its professionals is providing services like counselling through Psychologist holding more than 10 years of experience, counselling and Medical Attention through Ayurveda Neuro-Psychiatrist who is a President Awardee and holding 8 years of clinical experience, Legal help and Advice through OLIH’s Legal Forum. All the services are being provided through online mode only. OLIH provides free counselling to everyone irrespective of the sessions it takes anyone to get recovered fully and helps them to come out of Mental Health Disorders. Mental Health is something which always remained a social stigma in our society. It is as important as the Physical Health of an individual, hence it should not be ignored by anyone. OLIH has helped many people to not take any extreme step with their lives. OLIH has also helped victims and survivours of rape, domestic violence and sexual abuse etc. Some of the victims after getting cured have joined OLIH and working as internees. OLIH’s internship is a variety of tasks- based considering the overall development of an individual. Tasks like promotional work, case discussions, social media handling, dealing with the needy, poster-making, video editing, content writing and much more are given to the internees. This helps them for overall development. Services like medical attention and legal help are paid but it’s at a minimal price and affordable for everyone. OLIH provides free services for BPL people, rape survivors, and Victims of domestic violence. The identity of the clients/patients will not be shared with anyone, as OLIH provided 100 per cent security and privacy. With the work of this organisation the Founder Head, Saksham Kailoo a 20 years old student of Ayurveda, an author, has claimed Prestigious Awards like Vajra World Record, India Book Of Record, International Kalam’s Golden Award, Human Rights Nobel Award by IHRC J&K etc. OLIH is different from any other platform in a way that, OLIH involves transfer of cases within it, free counselling for everyone and other services barely at low price and all the services are free for rape survivors, victims of domestic violence and BPL Families.
By Saksham Kailoo


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