Politics decide future


Dear Editor,
I would like to express my view that how politics of a country decide future of that nation through the medium of your esteemed daily newspaper, so that our leaders get aware about the same. Indeed the development of a country depends on politics. Resources have to do nothing with the development of a country. No matter how rich the country is or how many resources it has, it can’t break through and make progress unless unless it’s resources are in the right hand.What use is it to take of those resources which are not used for the development of a country ?Instead they are being available for laxerviance and lavishness of politicians lives. The properties and houses of politicians look like Paradise on Planet Earth while poor inhabitants feel like they are living in hell. It is safe to say that a country can only gain ground when it has a good political system. Take the examples of Japan and Italy, both these countries don’t have sufficient natural resources but they are developed. The question is how they made much development without having a profusion of natural resources? Moroccan diplomats to visit Israel to discuss direct flight, opening office. Due to bona-fides and earnestness of their potential system they don’t work and make properties for themselves but for their countries. Talking about India which has been endowed with much more natural resources than both these countries Japan and Italy, but it is undeveloped. It has gold, copper, coal, natural gas, saffron and many more other important and precious elements resources. The whole system of the country depends upon its politics. Politics decides the future of the country. However resources just give a boost up in the development of the country. We can see many countries developed without resources and also many countries underdeveloped in spite of a huge number of natural resources. Last but not least it is therefore requested to political leaders to make India a developed country in the world and not built own palaces, not accumulate properties and above all which is against national interest. Live for the country, poor people, for the country development and above all
Mool Raj,


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