PM must come forward ; do ‘Swasthki Baat’: Ashok


RAMBAN: Ashok Kumar, Former MLA from Ramban and a Senior Congress leader has urged upon the Government of India to come with plan of action with honest targets against the Covid-19 pandemic in country and exhort all of us to do what we can to help out in implementing this on a war footing. Ashok has said that Covid can only be defeated with facts and Science. The time has arrived in India to stick only to Science. Superstition, religious beliefs and banal nationalism – none of these work against the virus. “He added”.
Ashok has strongly appealed to the Government of India to forge new grand vaccination scheme and promote volunteer and local organisations in relief efforts, perhaps by collecting funds for food or masks or oxygen concentrators or simply to fund the hospital Bills of those who can’t afford them or the education of a recently orphaned child.
Ashok said Government have to show broad and open mindedness by praising the Kerala Model and asking all states to try and adapt centralisation of triaging and admissions. It becomes imperative for the government to opt for a paradigm shift and change the narrative, from one of despair to one rebuilding and Looking ahead.
Ashok further said that Hon’ble Prime Minister have to come forward and Launch ‘SwasthkiBaat’ every evening on different covid-19 related topics and other valuable information from prevention to treatment to vaccination. Give them scientific facts and action points to do and not do; and you will See people start emerging out of the current state of despair. It’s about the lives of millions of People across the country.
Ashok has stressed upon the GOI to re-strengthen the health Infrastructure in rural areas. He also demanded financial incentives for all the frontline warriors who are risking their lives on everyday at this juncture.