Plant trees for posterity


Dear Editor,
From the very beginning, plants & trees have given us food and oxygen, the essential things in life. Not only these two things, but because of trees, we get home, medicines, food, and many other essentials to live on this earth.
Today, due to the growing population and rapid cutting of trees by people, the requirement of trees is increasing. In this modern era, humans are cutting trees in a rapid speed, due to which man may have to undergo many difficulties in coming years. We are continuously converting land into concrete jungles with no greenery at all. We must not forget that plants are an essential part of our society. In our nearby places like streets, parks, playgrounds, trees & plants provide us clean & fresh air besides keeping the environment green & calm. We also get fruits, almonds, which are an essential part of our life.
The atmosphere around trees remains beautiful and clean by which the level of living increases. There is altogether a different enjoyment feeling of spending time under trees with family around them.
During summers, the tall trees prevent sun-rays from reaching earth, thereby reducing temperature of Mother Earth.
In the month of the rain, the roots of the tree plant firmly hold the soil, and it does not cause soil erosion. Also, the trees hold their root, which helps in avoiding a natural disaster like a flood. Every year tons of leaves fall from the trees and get convert into natural manure, thereby increasing strength of siol. Many organisms like goats, elephants, koala, monkeys, giraffes, etc are completely dependents on trees for their food. Trees and plants provide safe and natural habitat to numerous species of birds, which spend all their lives on the strong branches of these trees.
Everyone likes trees, plants because they are gorgeous and wonderful to see. All trees are beautiful in looking and consist of different colours and shapes. In our country, we even worship trees thereby giving them the status of God.
Trees such as Banyan, Peepal, Mango, Bella, Banana etc are some examples that have very high spiritual value in our country. Trees maintain a peaceful and comfortable environment in our life and environment.
In today’s modern era, when new cities are building everywhere, the commercial value of trees has become very high. Even today, in many parts of the world, wood is considered the first fuel in cooking. People make houses, furniture and many types of tools from wood. Millions of small, useful household items are also made of wood. Latex collected from inner part of some trees is used for making rubber. It has millions of critical daily-tasks, which seems impossible without trees and plants.
It is ironic that we need fruits, we need oxygen, we need wood but we do not want to plant trees or value them. Today, the man is moving fast towards self-destruction. Due to excessive tree cutting, we are facing difficulties such as global warming, acid rain, greenhouse effect etc.
For balancing our environment, it is vital to save trees and plants. Gradually population of the whole world is growing, due to which people want to build new homes to live, and this is why trees are being cut at a rapid speed. In many places, big dense forests were cleaned for making big factories which can be cause of many kinds of natural calamities in coming time.
Due to the lack of trees in urban areas, polluted air emanating from trains hover in the sky. The point to ponder here is that if situation remains the same one day there will be no tree and consequently, there will be lack of oxygen, as atmosphere will become deficient of oxygen. Plants convert Carbon dioxide into Oxygen, thereby maintaining a proper balance, and if there would be no tree, how this natural process can be maintained?
Let’s pledge that we will not let anyone cut trees and plants. And we will do plantation every month in our neighbourhood. It is high time that we should plant trees if we want our next generation to have natural oxygen and other things, we get from trees.
Som Nath Sharma,