People’s mandate robbed in District Udhampur by BJP-Officers nexus: Harsh



JAMMU: Alleging unprecedented rigging and massive irregularities in the conduct of elections in District Udhampur by a BJP-Officers nexus, Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister, sought a high level judicial probe into robbing of peoples’ mandate by ruling dispensation.
“Not only was the local administration openly supporting the BJP candidates but the NPP workers were threatened, intimidated harassed and persecuted by the saffron goons, police as well as the officers at the behest of their political masters. Several NPP workers were assaulted and abused with none to take cognizance despite repeated complaints made to concerned authorities. And while NPP leaders and workers were booked under frivolous charges, the BJP goons were granted immunity from legal action despite having assaulted and abused the NPP workers including female leaders of the party. Some of the workers of BJP had admitted in drunken condition that they had been deputed by an Ex-BJP MLA to abuse and assault the NPP candidate from Khoon constituency.
Harsh further claimed that during counting, the number of votes found in the ballot boxes did not tally with the number of votes actually polled at the polling sections.
He said that there were ballot boxes wherein the number of votes was less than the actual votes, whereas some ballot boxes contained more votes than the votes actually polled at the time of polling. This was particularly noticed in Khoon and some other constituencies. A fraudulent exercise had been well conceptualized and implemented so as to rob the peoples mandate for the benefit of the ruling party. The announcement of poll result in favour of BJP was made even prior to counting of votes especially in Khoon and Majalta. Even the media was being fed with wrong information of BJP leading in Khoon and announcements made despite the fact that NPP was leading.
In one of the rounds, the number of BJP votes was announced much before the actual counting of votes had taken place. And when objected by me, I was thrown out of the counting centre by use of central Para-military forces despite I holding a valid pass issued by competent authority.
Even my written complaint to RO was not entertained. The requests of the candidates of Khoon and Majalta for re-counting were also not entertained and the BJP candidates declared elected with a razon thin majority. With the entire state machinery and central govt having conspired and manipulated the elections in BJP’s favour, it was the NPP which has actually won in District Udhampur and not BJP”, remarked Harsh.
Balwant Singh Mankotia, State President revealed that the strong room used for storage of ballot boxes was roofless.
He said that the District administration refused to entertain the objection of NPP saying that it was none of Panthers Party business.
He said that NPP had won the polls in District Udhampur and BJP had merely succeeded in its treacherous game plan and political subterfuge.


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