People facing great hardships under BJP’s regime: Goyal



JAMMU: There was widespread anger and resentment among the people of Jammu and Kashmir over the arbitrary decision of the BJP-led government to downgrade the Dogra state into two Union Territories.
This decision was arbitrary, unilateral and against the wishes of the people of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. This was stated by Raj Kumar Goyal, Vice President District Congress Committee, Jammu Urban in a statement issued here on Tuesday.
The senior Congress leader said that the communication gap between citizens and the administration was the biggest hurdle in the process of development and largely remained unaddressed.
There is strong resentment against the previous regime of the BJP Government for the attitude of total neglect of the area.
“People are facing great hardships on account of healthcare, education, road connectivity, power & drinking water facilities as such areas could not get attention of the BJP government to provide adequate basic facilities to the people in all spheres of life, it is unfortunate that the present government has neglected these areas in every sphere of life and people are left on the mercy of God. He said that the poll promises of BJP have proved to be mere bluffs and people are fed up with the policies and sheer opportunism of the party,” he said. Goyal blamed BJP for failing to create a congenial peaceful atmosphere and rather they are creating social and political disorder after having failed to control the worst security situation on borders as well as in the Valley. He further said that people are fed up from all the parties who always cheated them in the name of development. He said that the BJP has befooled the people with its hollow slogans and assurances which were never fulfilled. The people of Jammu region had given BJP a huge mandate in the 2014 assembly in the erstwhile state on the slogans of development. However, there is no development which has exposed the BJP which is playing the emotional card,” he alleged.
The Congress leader said that the Congress Party is emerging stronger across the Union Territory and would vigorously expose the wrong policies of the BJP government, accusing it of hoodwinking the people during elections.


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