People didn’t vote for restoration of Art 370 but for their faith in Indian constitution: Darakhshan



SRINAGAR: Senior BJP leader and party spokesperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi on Friday met seven public delegations from different districts of Kashmir Valley and listened to their public issues.
People from several districts discussed many local and UT level issues related to many fields including the state land encroachments, defective mechanism of providing of benefits of social welfare schemes to the needy, skill development centres, society co-operatives, roads and water supply issues and entrepreneurship related problems with the BJP Leader and representative of Minority Affairs Ministry of Government of India.
Dr Andrabi said that while PAGD associates are busy in defending their loot, encroachments, misappropriation of funds, scams etc, the people are happy that at last everybody has been made accountable to the system in J&K.
“They don’t want their holy cows to be touched by investigating agencies. They shout vendetta when police and other investigating agencies go ahead with their probe of many scams, frauds and system violations that have been reported so far. When they are accused of guild, what is the harm in proving yourself innocent? But they know that their hands are not clean, they try to hinder the process of investigation by shouting foul,” said Dr Darakhshan.
She assured the people that now onward in J&K, there will only be the politics of development and public welfare, all other bluffs will have no place in new Jammu & Kashmir which is in the making.
She said that the LG administration was on fast-speed mode of re-devising and implementing the economic, infrastructural and industrial development of J&K as well as streamlining of the working systems within the government departments of the UT.


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