Pahari Tribe reiterates demand of due ST status



RAJOURI: A Pahari Tribe Convention was held at Boys Pahari Hostel Rajouri which was attended by the delegates from the border Rajouri and Poonch district. Delegates in one voice reiterated their due demand of rendering ST status and also appealed Prime Minister to render justice to the most down trodden ethnicity of border area of J&K UT.
Several noted Pahari intellectuals and prominent personalities of Pahari tribe took part in this seminar.
The members of Pahari Tribe highlighted the rich glorious cultural heritage of their Tribe. They also reiterated their long pending demand seeking the grant of Scheduled Tribe status in favour of the Pahari Ethnicity in J&K.
All those present said that despite many recommendations and assurances since 1989, no decision has been taken so far for granting “Schedule Tribe” status to the deserving Pahari tribe. They expressed strong hope that the present government will understand the plight of Pahari tribals and bring as well as pass the bill regarding grant of ST status to Pahari speaking people.
Speakers on this occasion deliberated upon their demand for Scheduled Tribe status and said that their genuine demand has unfortunately been ignored since decades and Pahari tribe is still waiting to get its genuine right of ST status.
They said that Pahari ethnicity constitute a tribe and live in hilly, tough terrain of border area and also are part of seasonal migration every year and fulfills all prerequisite to be given Schedule Tribe status.
The speakers hailed the concern shown by Government of India in recent times which clearly indicate that Pahari tribe is set to get their basic right of Schedule Tribe status.
Interacting during the proceedings the members of the ethnicity in one voice raised concerns of their down trodden condition and appealed GOI to furnish their due long pending demand of ST status. Speakers claimed that the Justice and Equality with the top most marginalized pahari tribe of J&K is the need of hour.
The speakers also pointed that this time centre is lead by a government having complete majority and a PM with firm conviction who can address this genuine demand of much deprived tribe. In one voice every speaker appealed GOI to render due ST STATUS to the tribe as early as possible before elections in J&K.
From time to time different committees and expert panels declared Pahari tribe as the downtrodden ethnicity. Pertinent to mention since 1993 every Governor and Chief Minister of J&K has recommended due ST status to Pahari tribe and even evey PM also assured Justice with the Pahari Ethnicity. . Recently in a rally at Jammu, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has assured to deliver justice with the much deprived Pahari tribe.
Members added that Pahari population remained a victim of Pakistan’s mischievous activities directly from across the border as well as its sponsored terrorism, also utterly rejected the separatist agenda raised by certain quarters from valley and always uphold the National Flag with pride and honour.
Those prominent who interacted include Shoket Kazmi, Lokesh kumar, Shakeel Azad, Arif Ranja, Shamim Akhter, Sajjad Mirza, Adv. Iftkhar Bazmi, Nagesh Sharma, Bharat Bushan Vaid, Adv. Gurdev Thakur, Vijay Kochar, Rangbaz khan, Shakti Sharma, Dr. Nitan Sharma, Nikhil Gupta, Vishal Pahari, Nusrat Shah, Raj kumar, Mujheid Khan, RS Malla, Aftab Tantray, Jehangir Alam, Haneef Shah, Muneer Mirza, Manzoor Khan, Nasser Hussain, Nasser Ullha Mirza and Vishal Singh.
Those prominent who were present include Ashfaq Mirza, Ali Mohd., Afaq Pervez, Shahid Aslam, Mohd. Maroof, Chain Singh, Javid Lone, Akis Naseer, Barkhat Ali, Mohd. Sharief, Ashfaq Mughal, Raja Mohd. Latief, Mohd. Taj, Prithvi Pal, Mahesh Kumar, Jawaid Akhter, Ramesh Chander, Kasturi lal and many more.
The programme was conducted and managed by former AAG Ashan Mirza and by freelancer activist Vikrant Sharma while Hamid Malik, Warden Boys Pahari Hostel, Rajouri presented vote of thanks.