Overloading goes unchecked


Dear Editor,
Overloaded buses, autos, minibuses ferrying passengers, overloaded trucks, canters and tractor-trolleys could effortlessly be spotted in and around city and in outskirts.
Rash driving, overloading, non-seriousness and a totally casual approach towards traffic norms are the basic reasons for accidents. Almost daily, there is news of an accident in papers and we just regret and feel bad for some time and then again got busy in routine activities. One can easily notice this in mini buses of Sidhra route.
During the pandemic time, it was ordered by the administration that public transport will ply with 50 per cent passengers but the implementation of this order was just for few weeks and now again one can find an overloaded mini bus at any route and no one is there to keep a check on this.
It seems the men in blue have turned a blind eye towards this. An overloaded mini bus with passengers hanging at the back and at entrance can be seen moving freely. No one questions the driver or conductor or even these stupid passengers, who travel holding the back ladder of the mini bus.
Women passengers often complain about the atmosphere in the minibuses, tempos where unscrupulous elements indulge in eve-teasing. Women have to face numerous problems because of over loading in these mini buses and tempos.
Mini bus drivers always try to make good profit by resorting to overloading. It is very difficult to travel in an overloaded vehicle but we are left with no other option as all the mini buses are overloaded and drivers won’t move the vehicle, till it is overloaded. This overloading many a time results in fatal accidents.
I strongly believe that it is high time we, the youngsters should take some initiative, but we too cannot do anything without cooperation of Traffic Police. Traffic cops need to cooperate and take strict action against the violators. Moreover, there is a need to educate people about the traffic laws and take measures for implementation of laws.
Through your esteemed daily, I request all to follow SoPs carefully and avoid overloading in public transport to stay safe from COVID-19 besides avoiding accidents.
Mannan Sharma,