Nurturing Edu-seeds


Dear Editor,
There is a need to rethink about our education style with which we try to train our children for a better future. Kabir had said, “Karta raha so kya raha, ab kari kyo pachtaye, Boye ped babul ka, so amua kaha se paaye.” Means, ‘we should think that if we don’t take care of the seed stage of human beings (When child is being born and till 5-6 yrs of age) then how can we expect the best of the future generations’. For that matter, if seeds are being taken care well only then crop will be healthy. As per today’s trend in education, we start preparing children only after they reach 6 years of age, which is too late. A good farmer takes care of his crop from the very beginning. He makes sure that the quality of seeds are good and properly taken care of, later they are given proper environment so that they grow into healthy plantlets and finally into a healthy crop. Similarly, there is a need of nurturing the seeds of education i.e., nurturing children right from the conception stage till the age of 5 to 6 years. Hence, this is the most important stage. If it is overlooked then how can we expect better futuristic generations.
Parents generally become panic and start expecting too much from their children when they are in higher classes but they forget about the seed stage of their children which was not given much attention at that time.
Let’s introspect and work towards the goal of nurturing edu-seeds (conception to age of 5-6 years of children) for creating better generations for the better India, for the better world at large!
Rashi Tripathi,
Author is a recipient of gold medal from Edn Minister, GOI in Pre Primary Education.


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