NPP to support farmers’ stir: Harsh



JAMMU: “Despite chilling cold having swept the entire north India, it is a sad irony that thousands and lakhs of farmers are made to sit out in the open demanding that their fears on farm laws be assuaged.
Its cruel on the part of the Govt to dishonour the demands of these proud farmers who are not asking for any material relief but to continue farming and selling their produce the way their parents and they have been doing for years”.
This was stated by Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister, on Wednesday while announcing all out support of the Panthers Party to the movement launched by the farming community in various parts of the country.
“Its unfortunate that the govt is thrusting its own stand and views upon the farmers without caring for their sentiments. Several precious lives have been lost during the protests. The govt claims that new farms laws will revolutionize agriculture sector and make farmers prosperous which however has not gone well with the striking class of farmers. They have their own apprehensions which the govt has failed to address. It has failed to win over the confidence of the farmers who are feeling cheated and betrayed. The govt has failed to appreciate that any change to be brought can be done only with the consent of stake holders. And if the intended beneficiaries did not accept a change, the forced imposition of new order would be undemocratic and authoritarian”, remarked Singh.
Flaying the dictatorial policies of the present regime, Singh said that such oppressive moves would cost dearly to the saffron regime at the hustings. The strong arm methods used against the farmers during the present terrible cold have only antagonised the small and marginal farmers in other parts of the country apart from Punjab and Haryana. Attempts to divide the movement and demonize the farmers have only met with ridicule all over the country, said Harsh adding that any further delay in addressing the genuine concerns of farmers could lead to disastrous consequences.
Though the farmers are seeking the roll back of the three controversial laws, there is something more to the present uprising, said Singh. The ongoing upsurge, he added, was also about the way the farmers have been treated over the years, about the systematic discrimination and neglect that they have suffered in the system.
“Its about the dignity of farmers and their very survival. Its an emotive issue and the usual tricks of dodge, derail and divert will not work. The sooner the govt understands, the better it is”, observed Singh.
He said that the farmers in Jammu region too are a disgruntled lot with the govt averse to their woes and sufferings. There are hardly any takers for their repeated shrill cries for timely provision of needs and fertilizers resulting in crop failures year after year.
Not only that the govt was now contemplating the eviction of farmers from their marginal land holdings, in the name of anti encroachment drive, despite the said lands being the only source of livelihood for these poor peasants, he lamented. The NPP would stand toe to toe and shoulder to shoulder with the farming class in their struggle against all oppressive moves of the present authoritarian regime, said the NPP Chairman.


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