No more lockdowns


Shyam Sudan
As we know COVID pandemic has brought a great crisis for the entire mankind, however many countries have developed the anti-COVID vaccine and the mass immunisation against COVID is going on at war-footing. But still the danger is prevalent in the human chain, because the new strain of COVID virus has engulfed rapidly in different countries of the world. And it was found that the new strain is more dangerous than the previous one.
During its earlier spread, we were very cautious about this virus. A lot of precautionary measures were adopted by all of us in a very committed way. But now people are taking it very lightly. Gradually, people have even stopped wearing mask. Even as we don’t use sanitizers in our daily life. As a result of this casual approach, COVID virus has again become active in our surroundings.
The number of cases of the infection is drastically increasing day by day, which is not a good sign for our nation as well as for us. Because we know that we have already lost so many precious lives due to this viral infection. Despite of knowing this bitter reality we are not showing our responsibilities towards containing this pandemic. COVID pandemic has brought a great economic loss for our country. As fAr as the education of our children, it had a very bad effect.
All the education institutions were closed for several months due to lockdown like scenario in the entire country. Now slowly we are recovering from this loss, but again this virus has made us worried.
As we know in coming days there are a lot of festivals in our country and in such festivals there is always risk of mass spread and infection. From many months, our farmers are on agitations and protesting in large numbers. Moreover various political rallies and road- shows are going on in different states. Such kinds of public gatherings will definitely add fuel to the fire.
There is no doubt that we are running the biggest immunisation programme of history in our country, but only immunisation can’t work alone if we will not adopt other precautionary measure. At one side we are fighting against this viral infection with our commitment and professional spirit on the other hand, some among us are showing a casual approach towards this pandemic.
There is no doubt that the lockdown had prevented the pandemic at a great extent, but now we are not in a position to bear this lockdown like situation again in our country as it caused a profound effect on people’s life, especially on lives of poor and labourers. Education of the children is also affected a lot due to closure of education institutions and halting of academic activities. If lockdown is imposed again, it will be like a nightmare for us.
Now our country is not ready for this, however Government has issued various guidelines and warnings for this. But merely guidelines doesn’t work properly if we are not serious towards this. It is the responsibility of all to cooperate with government and in society. Every person will be aware of it as before, only then we will be able to get rid of this pandemic. Our half-heartedly approach doesn’t work in this direction.
There is need to start a mass campaign against this viral infection with a devoted spirit by every person, only then we can achieve our target in coming days. Precautionary measure like face masking, maintaing physical distancing and use of sanitisers must be adopted by all to get rid from this infection.
As for as it has been seen, a section of people is taking immunisation lightly. Many jabs of COVID doses have been wasted so far due to casual approach of people.
The scientists have worked hard day and night to make this vaccine. However various health workers are giving their bestservices for success of immunisation programme. Everybody has to be aware and cautious again only then we can overcome from this crisis and avoid the lockdown.