No doubt DC appears taking TASK seriously but more is needed to undo wrongs done over 7-decades

  • J&K Delimitation Commission proposals notified in Govt Gazette in terms of Sec-60(5) of Act 34 of 2019
  • Exercise for Delimitation of Constituencies of the 1st Legislative Assembly of UT of J&K is still LIVE
  • DC holds a pious & high level responsibility as its order can’t be challenged in any Court
  • People still hope that wrongs of 1st Legislative Assembly of J&K State will not be repeated in UT of J&K

Daya Sagar

(iii)keeping in view the broader information on physicals that could be overseen by writer keeping in view the guiding parameters as laid down for delimitation of constituencies of a Legislative Assembly of UT of J&K in Sub Section(2) of Section-60 of Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act of 2019, Act no 34 there can be sensed a fair case for distributing on macro level atleast 47-48 MLA constituencies over areas lying outside Kashmir valley and 43 to 42 MLA in areas other than Jammu region ( Kashmir valley). A broader sketch has been drawn by for macro distribution in Table -YYY placed here in . The official certified data can have some differences but shall not be worth overturning the balances projected in the table-YYY.
(iv). Section-60(5) of the Act-34 says delimitation commission after considering all objections and suggestions which may have been received by it before the date so specified, determine by one or more orders the delimitation of constituencies and cause such order or orders to be published in the Official Gazette, and there upon such publication, the order or orders shall have the full force of law and shall not be called in question in any court. In other words Delimitation Commission is body appointed to execute an assignment as per the parameters constitutionally laid down after obtaining all types of needed data / information ,analysing the same, then laying down the real maps of the individual segments of a Legislative Assembly and finalising the same only after taking opinion ( though opinions not binding ) of all the stake holders.
Hence, the Commission is placed with a pious responsibility of much higher level since final order of the Commission cannot be challenged in any court of law. whereas even judgement order of HC or SC can be challenged.
(v) The Delimitation Commission may kindly also make the official data ( like geographical areas , topography, terrains/ physicals , the all weather road / black top connectivity/ % area covered by roads region/district wise , population etc ) at region / district levels as obtained from the Government of J&K and basis drawn for classification of districts otherwise it is not possible for persons from outside official arena to make specific observations
(vi) The task before the DC is very unique& special type requiring undoing the wrongs of over 7 decades. The Commission has taken already 2 years to notify draft order for public comments but has given only 7 days time to the people of UT of J&K and those connected with affairs related to UT from outside the official arena which is too less a period and that too when the minimum data has not been included in the notification/ notice / draft order.

As regards the 5 constituencies of upper house ( Lok Sabha ) there is not much to be deliberated on that and any particular suggestions that may be still required can be made after the the constituencies of the Legislative Assembly are redrafted by the DC after taking into consideration the suggestions & objections that have been invited from general public upto 21-03-2022.
Hoping that Delimitation Commission shall provide more of opportunity / data / information in the next notification to obtain more specific inputs for further review.
(The author is Sr Journalist & leading scribe J&K affairs [email protected]).