No case of bird flu in J&K; Admn issues advisory to contain spread of disease



JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Wednesday said no cases of bird flu or avian influenza has been detected in the Union Territory and urged people not to panic or stop using poultry products, even as it issued an advisory to poultry owners and dealers for the prevention of the spread of the disease.
It said the advisory was being issued in the wake of the spread of bird flu in neighboring states of the UT. The advisory was issued by the Animal/Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries Department to stakeholders related to the poultry sector including poultry owners, dealers, retailers and consumers. The advisory directed the poultry farmers to improve bio-security measures in the farms and not allow any artificial ponds, small water bodies inside and around the farm premises which may attract wild birds and is a risk to the poultry.
“Keep the farm premises and shed surroundings vegetation-free. Regularly clean the areas. Keep feed supplies and water for poultry protected as they attract wild birds and rodents,” it said.
The advisory asked them to discourage outdoor rearing of poultry as the open type rearing of poultry will enhance the risk for introduction of avian influenza into the farming systems.
“Discourage multiple species of birds rearing in the farms. Keep chicken separated from domestic ducks, geese and wild birds. Immediately report any type of sickness in birds to the nearest veterinary center especially edema in the comb and wattles, purple discoloration/cyanosis of the wattles, combs, and legs, diarrhea, nasal discharge, soft-shelled or misshapen eggs, decreased egg production, coughing and sneezing, lack of coordination,” it said.
The administration asked the poultry farmers to feed better nutrition to the birds and include antioxidants, vitamin C, E and Selenium in their feed.
“Dead birds should not be thrown in open and shall be burnt or buried deep in the ground. Poultry retailers are advised to dispose off poultry offals carefully and at designated places and shall not through them in open. There is no need to panic and stop eating poultry products as there is no report of bird flu in J-K,” it said.
The administration also said district surveillance committees would be constituted immediately to ensure checking of all poultry units and sale points.


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