NGO distributes masks among public


UDHAMPUR: On seeing the ongoing rise in cases of COVID 19 the President of NGO “Jiyo Aur Jeene Do” Tariq Shah along with Program Co ordinator Neena Koul and other members the NGO initiated a drive to distribute masks and create awareness among people regarding following guidelines for COVID 19.
While speaking about the event the President Tariq Shah and the Program Coordinator Neena Koul said, “Previous year due to Corona epidemic, people were asked to take strict precautions. Schools, colleges were closed for the whole year, which affected the education. All religious institutions were closed, business establishments were closed which caused an impact on each and everyone’s life. To avoid this to happen again in future, people should be aware to take necessary precautions. It is very important to follow specific instructions such as using masks and sanitizer, maintaining social distance and others. Unfortunately in the last few days once again, Corona cases are rising across the country. It is a matter of concern and should be taken seriously. It is very important to follow the government-issued guidelines as we should not forget that it was due to obeying guidelines that last year we all were able to overcome Corona to a great extent.
“Masks were distributed by our organization in many areas of the city like Gole Market, Town Hall and many more” he said adding that People were encouraged to use sanitizers. Members of the organization Ruby Sheikh, Sahil, Arif Chandermohini, Aneesh, Santosh, Pawan, Ali, Ejaz and many others were on the occasion.