In the changing world, in its new glare, the mood of life and the speed with which its behavior is changing is amazing. New possibilities full of uncertainty are seeing the new face of this changing society. These days a new language of the society, new outlook, new social beliefs and new practical values are being prepared in the changing society. With rapid change in the way of life, it seems that everything has changed.
In our nation for centuries, the marriage of a daughter is considered as a Kanyadaan, but the educated girls of new generation are moving ahead with scientific thinking. Recently, a news caught attention of the entire country, in which an IAS girl did not let her parents donate her during marriage. She told his father that I am your daughter, not an object of charity. Apart from this, all other rituals took place in this marriage and before this, marriage was also done in the court for legal recognition of modern marriage, but Kanyadaan was avoided.
The move, which is a fundamental right to women’s freedom, has been seen as a loud voice against the orthodox traditions that prove women to be inferior. In fact, it happened for the first time in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh that in marriage, the girl was sent away from her father’s house for new direction of her future life. It can be considered a good initiative and a sample of healthy tradition. We have many such rituals and old traditions in the tradition of charity, by which many things have been authorized as the object of charity. But now times have changed and beliefs are also changing. The new young society of the changing world is writing a new chapter of the new society and is transforming the new values of life with its freedom and adaptability. Tradition of donating a girl to charity is not mentioned in any of our texts. When such new incidents break such traditions, it also gives a call for a new direction to the new society of the new generation. A new definition of the relation of equal harmony with special rights should be fixed for the new information of the society, in which there is no such thing as charity. However, it should be such a stage of the beginning of a new life, in which marriage is not a social bond and burden. A father sends his daughter to the new world, which is her own world, and not donates. This is the new wind of the new age and the future of new India.