Need to promote Sanskrit


Shyam Sudan
Recently government has decided to launch New Education Policy, which will be the country’s own indigenous policy after the independence. After the independence we have got several policies and commission for education sector, but all those have influence of foreign policies. Now under this new education policy, our main focus will be on skill-based education and language proficiency. Now, the much more stress will be given to our native languages than foreign language. As all of us know that Hindi is our mother language, but it has been observed that influence of hindi language is more in northern states of our country than other parts of our nation. In eastern and southern parts of country, there is more influence of regional languages than Hindi. Sankrit which is popularly known as language of deities and forefathers, has also a great impact on our culture and civilization. A Sanskrit knowing person can get more advantage in refining his pronunciation skill. A person who speaks Sanskrit can pronounce English and other difficult languages with proper stress and intonation in a better way than others. Sanskrit being a vocal language, can help small kid to make correct pronunciation and make vocal muscles strong. After learning basic skills of vocal Sanskrit, kids can pronounce other languages in a better and comfortable way. However, there are some baseless allegations that Sanskrit is the only language of Hindus and priestly class. No doubt in our past it was used of Brahmans and learned scholars of upper-caste, but it doesn’t mean that it is only language of higher classes and aristocratic epochs of Hindu society. Basically, most of literature is in Sanskrit language when there is no concept of modern religions. In other words, we can say that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. In Sanskrit language, we can give maximum information in minimum words. In modern times, it is proved that it is the best language for use of computers. Moreover, it is phonetically perfect language in which there is hidden mysteries of science and medical science. In our Vedas and other religious texts, there is storage of many sutras and formulas which is in Sanskrit language. If we have knowledge of this language we can explore the many mysteries of space, Ayurveda and Astrology. When we pronounce the words of Sanskrit language there is maximum involvement of our mouth parts with maximum vibrations in our body. Such kind of vibration helps to improve the functionality of our brain, heart and other muscles. At present we are giving more stress to English language which was imposed as a language on our country. No doubt at present it is known as the window to outdoor world, but many developed nations are not using this language as a mandatory one. At the time of British rule in India, English was the guarantee of success because at that time only those got the job who were familiar with English language. But now there are various options available to us. There is no need to give priority to such a foreign language which is very difficult for our native speakers to use. No doubt it is a bitter reality that Sanskrit is not a spoken language in our country and we can’t impose it suddenly at mass level. But gradually by giving place to it in our curriculum, we can promote this language in our schools. At least at primary level we can give priority to this language. At one side we are admitting that our nation is rich with millions of languages and on the other side we are giving undue importance to foreign language. Ignorance of our own languages means we are not giving respect and honour to our native languages. Our way of life, rituals and tradition are available in the texts of Sanskrit .We can’t ignore the importance of this language at any cost. Even the teaching of our ancestors and the glorious history of our country are written in Sanskrit language. On the strength of this language, our country undertook a happy journey for 5,000 years. How can we ignore the language in which millions of scholars have researched and decorated their ideas? Now new research has shown that reading Sankrit increases our memory. The beautiful couplet of ‘Vasudev katumbkum’ is the gift of Sanskrit language. Those who reads this language believe that money is for the welfare of the poor and we should keep our needs under control. To ignore Sanskrit would be to axe one’s own feet, but it is the irony of our country that today the language of the goddess has become limited only to TV serials and religious dramas. Today we are giving more stress to foreign language. No doubt no language is bad and cheap than others, but we should also keep our motherland and culture in mind. The language which once gave us the status of world leader in our past must be respected. We should promote this language in our society and various institutions. Today we are focusing on the concept of make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat. Our languages should also have some link with our culture and civilization.