Need to establish language labs in schools


Shyam Sudan

We are living in a modern industrialised society. In this digital era of knowledge there is need of some different types of pedagogical learning methods and techniques. Now the old-age rudimentary methods of imparting knowledge are outdated and obsolete one, as we are confronting with new generation learners in our classroom.
Their aspirations, knowledge thirst and demands are different. With the age old methods of rote memory, lecture techniques and abstract demonstration we can’t achieve the objective of our learning. There is a need of some latest techniques and technology in our day today learning process. In our government schools we have the proper facilities of different laboratories for science subjects, but our students are facing the problem of language development in our schools.
The main reason behind this drawback is our casual approach towards different languages. We generally ignore the language learning techniques in our schools. But the bitter reality is that language development is the most pivotal part of learning. Language learning is the prerequisite objective of our learning process. One who is well familiar with the various aspects of language, can feel contented and satisfy in others subjects.
Mostly, in our Government schools students are facing problems with English subject. As we know English as a language is a compulsory subject for our all classes. But we generally adopt our casual and half heartedly approach while dealing with this subject.
We often consider the English subject to be an insolent and distasteful topic. Our perspective is limited to running the subject in some way. We consider it a dull and boring subject, and inspire our children to believe the same. In reality it is not so, basically English is a very interesting and mandatory part of our curriculum. It makes us successful and confident in our life. English language, as we generally know, act like a window to the world.
It is only through English that we can get information about other subjects in a good and effective way. For this, it is very important for us to have deep understanding and knowledge of this subject.
Only a teacher knows about it, the thing is not complete here unless we convey that information to the children in a correct and interesting way. To fulfill all these things, we need to pay attention to this subject. For that purpose there is very dire necessity to establish language labs for this subject in our schools.
Only with the help of language labs in our schools, we can create interest and curiosity of our learners towards this subject. When we have well-equipped language labs in our schools, students automatically get interested in this subject. With the help of these modern labs we can develop different languages skills in our students. As we know the proficiency and mastery of skills is very necessary to develop knowledge of language.
In such language labs, there should be facility of various digital learning devices like computer, audio video aids, recorded materials ,microphone, headsets and other simulated techniques. Student can get the accurate and exact information for any kind of curiosity in such labs. No doubt to develop such kind of labs is not feasible for every school due to cost of these sophisticated devices and equipments, but at least in secondary schools we can provide this facility to our students. Other adjoining schools of the same location can take benefits of such modern labs at the time of need of the students. Both teachers (Language teacher) and students can take the benefits of such labs in a more resourceful way. Because in such labs there is provision of maximum involvement of our senses, it can benefit students in a more easy and comfortable way.
The creation of such labs build confidence in the personality of children which is the main motive behind it. Accurate knowledge of any language develop confidence in the life of learners which is necessary for them in their future life. Language is the only medium through which we can communicate with others and convey our message to other, so it is very mandatory to have the accurate knowledge of any language to become a successful speaker. Language labs can easily solve this problem. Such language labs bring diversity in our teaching learning process. Students can easily learn the different technicalities like stress, intonation, phonetics and grammar of language in such labs. Now in different advanced schools of the country there is provision of computer assisted language labs for the benefit of students.


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