We are living in a society where there is total deterioration in moral values and people have stooped too low and are indulging in such activities which speak of moral degradation. Dishonesty and corruption have become order of the day while political hygiene is a thing of past. This trend can be arrested in full measure only by providing moral education to children and younger generation. The laws of country can help to some extent in curbing such moral decay. Therefore, only education rather moral education is panacea to build a morally and spiritually strong society. Thus moral education is the need of the hour. By education, we meant all-round development of body, mind and spirit of an individual, and as such is a multi-dimensional subject. But, unfortunately, Education is taken by the modern day society as means to provide bread and butter only. Until you provide value and moral education to children, you cannot lay a strong moral edifice in society. Thus along with the education for livelihood, we have to provide to children the sound moral and spiritual education. So people sitting at the highest level in the administrative levels should plan and implement scheme for imparting moral education to children, so that a strong base is laid down for a stable and strong moral society. Not that the efforts were not made to provide a morally sound education, but still there is a wide scope for the value education. Commission after commission had been appointed to reform education sector and some thrust was laid on the value education but that did not change ground situation as for as the providing the moral education to children is concerned. There is no spectacular change in the education sector as far as provision of moral education is concerned. The education policy of 1986 did provide moral education but still we failed to give value education to our children. Thus, there is utmost need to provide our children morally sound education so that honest people are given to the society. We need man-making and character making education in order to provide good and morally strong persons to run the democracy otherwise we will continue to have corrupt politicians and administrators and we will not have honest rulers. One of the aims of our education is to provide good citizens to man the nation, but here we are lacking. As such, the present rulers should see to the need of providing of value education to the children in order to build a morally strong society. The aim of education is not only to give a system of education which will arm the younger generation with the degrees to get the jobs only but also arm the young ones with the much required moral and spiritual education. In the modern society there is a great and urgent need for value education. There is total value crisis in society which lead to deterioration in the value system and the urgent need is to give value education to the younger generation. Commission after commission has been appointed in the past to revamp the education sector and to suggest ways and means to give value education to children but despite all that very little has been done to provide moral education to the youth. In today’s time, materialistic attitude towards life is all that is stressed but fact remains that we should give moral and ethical education to children along with bread and butter education. There is moral degradation all around in our society and money is becoming the ‘all and end all of life’ and education. This attitude has to be addressed and there is need for revamping of moral education. We have no dearth of the scientists and technocrats but we are deficient in producing good human beings who will work for the society and brighten future of the country. Education based on morals is the need of the hour. Today youth are more interested in engineering, medical or MBA. There should be change in psychology through education. Just as the nutritional food is necessary for the growth of body and medicines are required for wellness, similarly education that teaches us moral values is required for bringing about a change in our psychology. Therefore, there is a need to give a proper place to moral education so that people with good moral character will be produced and it can be possible only when moral education will be imported along with formal education. It should be made mandatory to pass in moral studies to enable a student to promote to next class but in this respect, we are lacking and therefore we should give top most attention to provide moral education so that noble and worthy citizens are produced for running of a successful democracy.
Omkar Dattatray