NDS organises e-Dogri Bujhraatan Goshti


JAMMU: Nami Dogri Sanstha (NDS) organised virtual “e-Bhujhartan Goshthi”.
Balwan Singh Jamwal Dogri writer, poet and retired Dy Commissioner presided over the programme.
Advocate Dogra Harish Kaila President NDS Coordinated and Supervised the programme where as Yash Pal Yash General Secretary NDS and renowned dogri lyricist and music composer compered the proceedings and offered his comments item wise .
More than seventy Dogri riddles were presented by eight literary luminaries who are Dr Vijay Puri, Padam Singh Choudhary , Sudershan Kumari “Darshi”, Sunaina Kaila, Shambu Ram “Pyasa”, Ram Pal Dogra, Jatinder Jolly and Kusum Sharma “Antra”.
The Dogri Phalonian (Riddles) session included both old and new Bhujartan . Dr Puri made optimum use of digital facilities available and made his presentation in the form of cartoonist animation. Others presented their part in the form of videos. After thorough mental thought process of the participants the actual answers were indicated item wise .
Capt Lalit Sharma IFS Convener NDS said that in previous days Dogri riddles were infact Dogri language quiz sessions which inculcated a positive thought process especially in the children.
He demanded for an exclusive “Duggar Channel” so that Programmes of Dogri riddles, idioms and proverbs etc are again popularized amoung our young generation .
Balwan Singh Jamwal said that it is our collective duty to ensure that dogri language is used in office work and as per new national education policy it is taught at school level as part of syllabus. He congratulated NDS for organising this unique programme to re-popularise our rich literary heritage of riddles .
Those who appreciated were Prof.Anupama Sharma Patron Youth Wing NDS , Rohit Choudhary , Nidhi Kaila Choudhary , Sanjeev Sharma ,Kusum Sharma “Antra” , Amarjeet Kour “Neer” ,Kalpana Gupta Rattan ,R.K.Uppal ,Kulbhushan Singh Jamwal ,Dr.Chanchal Sharma ,Group Captain Dupinder Singh ,Wing Commander Dr.Deepak C Dogra ,Dr.Adarsh Malhotra ,Satish Malhotra ,Manisha Sharma ,Bachan Bhagat andK.D.Koul Mehboob. Dr. Sushil Bhola Member NDS Executive and renowned poet, writer and an expert of naturepathy extended vote of thanks and offered his detailed comments on “e-Bhujharta Goshti.