Natrang presents Urdu play ‘Kissa Badal Gaya’



JAMMU: This Sunday, Natrang presented a new Urdu play ‘Kissa Badal Gaya’ which has been written by Showkat Thanvi and ably directed by Neeraj Kant in its weekly theatre series ‘Sunday Theatre’ at its Studio Theatre.
The play ‘Kissa Badal Gaya’ presents story of a household where the owner of the house ‘Zafar’ and his wife ‘Jameela’ are shown scolding their servants ‘Rahim’ and ‘Naseeban’ over an issue of breaking crockery and also for not rendering their services properly. In the course of discussion, it was also disclosed that both of them imitate their masters and buy similar commodities like shoes, clothes and make-up etc.
One day, ‘Zafar’ purchases an expensive lottery ticket, ‘Rahim’ also purchased the same by selling his wife’s ear-rings.
‘Zafar’ gets furious to know this but the story takes a turn when ‘Rahim’ wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire and thus the servants turned masters and masters became servants. But for ‘Rahim’ and ‘Naseeban’, it was very difficult to get out of their mentality.
They can’t resist their previous habits. Even ‘Zafar’ and ‘Jameela’ tell them that now when they are millionaires they have to maintain a status. But giving a deaf ear to their suggestions, they start blaming the couple for one reason or the other as they both used to do when they were masters. Getting the taste of their own medicine, masters turned servants, ‘Zafar’ and ‘Jameela’ decided to leave the couple at the mercy of God, but both of them started begging before them to not leave them as they could not survive without them. On this, they decided to live happily together, giving due respect to each other.
The artists who acted in the play included Kananpreet Kaur, Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Kushal Bhat, Lovely Sharma and Palshin Dutta. The lights of the play were executed by Sushant Singh Charak whereas the sound was rendered by Lovely Sharma. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.