Natrang presents Hindi play ‘Hum Bhaag Rahe Hain’



JAMMU: On the fourth day of ongoing Natrang Theatre Festival-2021, Natrang presented a Hindi play “Hum Bhaag Rahe Hain” written by Padmashree Balwant Thakur and directed by Gauri Thakur at Natrang Studio.
The play ‘Hum Bhaag Rahe Hain’ focused on different problems and issues faced by the youth and the way they deal with it. The most common problem of today’s youth is that of running away from their realities, responsibilities, duties, hardwork and expectations of others. The world can certainly be a challenging place. Everyone feels like running away from problems, people, and their life when it’s gotten to be too much to handle. They feel like running away from problems because stress and anxiety overwhelms them.
They have become too afraid to deal with the problems at all. They look for ways of escapism. Sometimes these ways of escapism lead to disastrous consequences. The play highlights such problems. Escapism occurs when you are trying to avoid something. It can come in different forms. Some physically run away from their homes. Some immerse themselves in addiction. Some prefer to live in a fantasy world to get away from their everyday life and be someone else. Perhaps the person they wish they actually were. Some may even go as far as to commit suicide. The play helps you to ponder over and devise ways to address to these problems. Overcoming difficulties and challenges are a great way to enjoy life, for as they start overcoming them, they will come to learn and internalize the fact they are not only capable of doing it, but are also good at it. With time this will allow them to confront everything and everybody in their life, with character and decision. The young actors who performed flawlessly in the play included Diksha Pandita, Shivam Bhat, Gagan Sudan, Prohitdeep Singh, Rahul Gupta, Aditi Khajuria, Sagar Gupta, Sudanshu Isher, Bhawani Singh Bali, Kushal Bhat, Mannat Soni and Garu Ram. The lights of the play were designed and operated by Brijesh Avtar Sharma whereas the sound was rendered by Sushant Singh Charak. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen.
Tomorrow on the concluding day of Natrang Theatre Festival, Shanker Shesh’s hindi play ‘Aadhi Raat Ke Baad’ will be staged at 5:00 PM at Natrang Studio Theatre under the direction of Gauri Thakur.