We all know that entire nation is grappling with rapid surge of COVID pandemic. All the education institutions have been temporarily closed for academic activities across the country. Various board examinations have also been postponed and delayed due to this devastation. Last year also, similar situation was observed in all the education institutions due to this pandemic. No doubt students are suffering from various types obstacles due to closure of education institutions, but teachers are playing their significant role in compensating the loss of students by their extra efforts and initiatives. Various modes of online interactions are going on between students and their teachers. Last year, many teachers were engaged in community classes to give benefits to the students at their doorstep. But, on the other hand, numerous teachers are engaged in compiling various data related with their institutions, distribution of free ration supply and other academic tasks. Besides giving their services in teaching learning process, a lot of teachers are engaged in various administrative works in health sectors in this crucial hour of crisis. They are continuously giving their selfless services in various health centers across the country, day and night. Many teachers are engaged in conducting rapid testing, managing vaccination centers, toll Nakas for scrutiny of COVID infected persons, quarantine centers and other COVID isolation centers. No doubt it is a time of great crisis for entire nation and it is the responsibility of every civilized citizen to help their countrymen at the time of such kind of devastation, but responsibility of teachers increases even more because they are called nation builders. In this second wave of COVID-19, many teachers lost their precious lives while working for serving the society. As teacher community is not fully trained like health workers to deal with such kind of task, even the families of such teachers are in great risk of infection who are continuously giving their services in various health centers. But still, the teachers are performing their responsibility well. The irony is that only teachers are engaged for this task at present moment. There is no deployment of masters/lectures/senior lecturers and physical teachers for the task. Moreover, it has been found that merely few teachers are deployed on rotational basis for this special task and remaining teachers are enjoying patronage of their status. Such kind of favouritism policy is creating dilemma in minds of already deployed teachers. A streamlined and transparent policy is needed to combat from this exploitation and disparity. No doubt it is not an apt time for blame game and criticism, but equal and balanced treatment can change the condition. One can give his or her contribution in this crucial hour of crisis by moral boosting and cordial behaviour of one’s stake-holders. No doubt teachers can play their significant role in this crisis provided that there is cordial support from their department. If we engage all the teachers including masters, lectures etc in this task on rotational basis, it will lessen the burden on few teachers only and they work with more dedication and commitment. we can’t ignore the role of teachers in this time of crisis, no doubt they are giving their services like a corona warriors. The only plausible solution for this disparity is to engage all the teaching faculty in such tasks without any favouritism policy. As we know female teachers are already exempted from this task because of nature and complicity of the task, but we can achieve our target in mitigating this problem of pandemic when all will cooperate with their sincere approach and professional spirit.
Shyam Sudan