My apprehensions on PAGD proved right: Vakil



SRINAGAR: Hitting hard at Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) left, right and center, Vice Chairman Peoples Conference and former Minister Abdul Gani Vakil on Wednesday said his apprehensions which he raised time and again in every meeting have been proved right.
Vakil, who is himself part of People Conference, which is a part of PAGD, asserted that people have realized that the PAGD is the only alliance in the history of world which fought each other for the sake of small DDC seats.
“The alliance parties fielded proxy candidates in DDC elections and made the said elections a mockery. No doubt Gupkar Alliance did well in elections but the expectation was to sweep the polls which could not happen as the leadership was lacking the sincerity. Why did we get so less seats in Kashmir Valley is something the leadership must ask themselves”, he added.
Vakil said PC Chairman Sajjad Gani Lone, with whom he has held four stormy meetings expressing his apprehensions, should introspect whether there is any sincerity in the alliance.
“Again I ask him today which party were you fighting on the ground. Almost on all of the seats you were fighting with your ally National Conference. The reality is all of us fought each other on the ground resulting thereby we got seats in less number not to speak of sweeping the polls which we were expecting. What was the purpose of lying to the people and telling them we are in an alliance when in majority of the cases there was no alliance? The results are there for everybody to see. And even today nobody is willing to speak the truth. We talk of an alliance in Srinagar while in villages, our workers fight it out against each other,” Vakil said. He reminded Lone of the letter he had sent to him in which apprehensions were raised which had come true during the DDC elections.
‘In the recent meetings regarding DDC elections I agitated again about the issues pertaining to PAGD but unfortunately my questions were not satisfactorily answered. I can make the letter public if required. Now today they have proved you wrong and proved me right.”
Vakil stressed on the PC Chairman to call immediately a meeting of the core group in order to introspect that aren’t they misleading the people.
“The least that the people expect and deserve is a truthful leadership, which can be sincere to its people about the past, the present and the future. Aren’t we again adopting the policy of the past to befool people especially those who had ruled Jammu and Kashmir for the longer time and committed big mistakes to which unfortunately we now want to become a part of,” he added.
Vakil also said he had talked to elected DDC members of the party who are not sure whether they would contest for the post of Chairmanship or any trade off which involves taking support from the alliance parties or giving support to them. He demanded those who fielded proxy candidates to defeat each other in recent DDC election should be taken to task.
“My demand is simple. Hold those who fielded proxy candidates responsible and take action against them They have deceived the collective will of the people. If you don’t take action against them then perhaps you were in league with them”, he concluded.


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