Politics is a dirty game but Indian politics is much murkier than in any country across the globe. It is an irony that in India anything and everything is politicized and politicians are always in look out for an opportunity to politicize any minimal issue, just to gather attention of people and to remain in print and electronic media. Both ruling and opposition parties politicise any issue and non-issue at the cost of the people who have voted them in elections. In the ongoing time of crisis, it is very sad and unfortunate that politics is being done even on dead bodies and thus without consideration of adverse affects of such cheap politics, the politicians of all hues and colours, are taking sadistic pleasure in politicking. In present time, the politicians are busy in politicizing life and death of the people only to remain in news and to score some points. These days when man-made calamity coronavirus is devouring the lives of the people, the politicians are politicizing the issue to corner the ruling party. Such opposition is not in the interests of the country and not a sign of the vibrancy of multi-party democracy of the country. Day in and day out the political parties oppose the ruling party only for sake of opposition. Constructive opposition of yester years is disappearing and the result is that dirty politics is going on in full swing and every political party wants to take a dip in murky politics, thereby polluting entire politics arena. Without consideration of good or bad, these politicians they take sadistic pleasure in such politicking. It is an irony that politicians and satraps of all political parties oppose each other, thereby lowering their prestige in front of people. Today when the nation is busy in fighting deadly coronavirus, these politicians without any shame are politicising the governmental efforts of fighting the monster of COVID, which is shameful and disturbing. It seems that cheap politics is more important than the precious lives of the people. It is very painful that issues are being politicized without taking care of coronavirus, which day in and day out is consuming precious lives. How queer it is that the issue of vaccines and lack of medical oxygen in hospitals and consequent deaths of COVID positive patients are being politicized. The opposition is required to support the government in its fight against COVID but it is hardly seen and instead all opposition parties are up in arms against the Government and only criticizing efforts of ruling party and its handling of crisis. It seems that cheap politics has become the order of the day and constructive politics has been disappeared from the political scene. The way political parties are politicising the issue of COVID-19 and its handling by the government is really very disturbing and should not happen in the country. But it is a reality and harsh fact that the political parties are resorting to cheap and petty politics without realising its consequences on lives of people. In fact the politicians are adept in art of politicking and do not miss any opportunity. It has become clear that these politicians have least regard for the lives of people and cheap politics is in their life and blood. The politicians of all hues consider cheap and petty politics as their prerogative and this brings disrepute to the field of politics. Government is very much cornered on the important issue of dealing with national and medical crisis of the coronavirus, which is claiming numerous precious lives with every passing day, but for opposition, it seems that politics is more important than lives of the people. We have to cleanse the field of politics from the murkiness and ensure that the politicians politicise constructively. The politicians and political parties will have to master art of cleaning political field, which should be purged of all murkiness for betterment of the masses, otherwise the day is not far off when the constructive politics will become a thing of history.