Murder of Humanity


Omkar Dattatray

A hair-raising and spine chilling incident has come to light in Munireka Delhi after five months of its happening in which an adult girl named Shraddha had been killed in most brutal and barbaric manner by her boy friend named Aftab Amin Poonawala. For five long months the girl remained a case of disappearance and mystery. The hardened criminal brutally murdered his friend and live in partner and cut her into 35 pieces which is the most heinous crime ever imagined by men. Aftab stooped too low and committed this heinous crime perhaps to get rid of Shraddha. The victim who reposed trust in his live in partner had been murdered in most brutal ways has shamed the humanity and it is murdering of humanity. One shudders to think how this most savage crime had been committed which puts all of us to shame. Now that the criminal Aftab has been arrested the case needs to be investigated quickly and capital punishment given to this brute who had committed this barbaric crime of having murdered his live in partner after living together in most barbaric and dastardly manner. This barbaric act needs to be solved within shortest possible time so that justice is given to Shraddha and such severe punishment given to the accused that will serve as a deterrent and no such crimes will take place in future. The court has allowed NARCO test for the criminal Aftab so that the police will be able to ascertain the reasons and truth behind this heinous crime and the reasons for committing the dastardly crime. In fact the whole humanity has been ashamed on this savage crime and it has given a bad name to the friendship. After committing the most heinous crime of murdering the girl friend Shraddha Walker the hardened criminal was behaving such a way as nothing has happened. Even after committing the murder of Shraddha, the accused was using the social account of Shraddha so that no one suspects the murder.
The police is busy in investigating this crime. Delhi police have said that Aftab and Shraddha were living in live in relationship from past three years and after murdering the victim the savage Aftab had cut Shraddha into 35 pieces by knife and kept the pieces of her body in a fridge that too purchased from the money taken from her bank account fraudulently.
After committing this barbaric crime Aftab was dating with another girl and the hand of the brute also got injured and he also went to a doctor to cure his hand. It has come to fore that Aftab and Shraddha were meeting with each other through dating application and after both of them were start working in a same call centre in Mumbai and during working in the call centre they begin to love each other.
As Aftab and Shraddha were of the different religions their families had objection and reservation with this love affair between the two adults belonging to different religions. After this they lived in same flat in Mehroli. On 28th May 2022, there was a quarrel between them about marriage and after this the brute killed Shraddha and cut her into thirty five pieces and concealed these pieces of her body in a refrigerator and he kept these pieces of the body of the victim for some weeks in the refrigerator and every day he was scattering these pieces at different places so that he will not be detected and no one suspects him and his involvement in the crime.
The brute was burning incense sticks to lessen the odor from the pieces of the body of Shraddha. He was also sprinkling some sprays to control the bad smell from the parts of the body of Shraddha.
All this was the animal Aftab doing to conceal his involvement in the murder and he was trying to erase the evidences in the gruesome murder.
Aftab has confessed to have killed Shraddha before the police and the idea of cutting the body of the victim has come by seeing the American TV serial Dexter. Aftab had also transferred 54 thousand rupees from the bank account of slain Shraddha on May 26. The condemnation on this gruesome crime is pouring from all quarters and the people are demanding the death sentence for the criminal.
Aftab is very cunning and he is projecting himself as a psycho path so that he will be saved from the punishment for committing the crime.
But the fact is that Aftab is not mentally ill as he had meticulously planned and executed the dastardly murder and a psychopath will not commit the crime in the way Aftab has done the crime.
The dastardly crime needs to be probed quickly and speedy trial should be conducted and severe punishment not less than death sentence should be given to the culprit Aftab so that such heinous crimes will not take place in future and the criminals will not commit such abominable crimes in future. Aftab murdered Shraddha on May 18th but managed to keep it under wraps till November 10.
The accursed used to chat with Shraddha’s friends through her Instagram account. After chopping the body of Shraddha into 35 pieces, Aftab brought a 300 liter fridge and kept the body parts of the victim in it for 18 days.
In this murder new things come into light every day. Aftab had killed Shraddha by pressuring her neck and then after killing her chopped her body in pieces and this is the most heinous crime ever thought by the men. This murder has defamed the live in relationship and friendship and now the adults will think 11 times before entering into live-in relationship.
The gruesome crime needs to be investigated expeditiously and taken to conclusion swiftly so that severe punishment of death is given to the accused in order to give justice to the victim and his family.
Afrab Amin Poonawala, who had allegedly strangulated his live -in partner Shraddha Walker to death and chopped her body into pieces and other storey tells that he dumped these pieces of the body of the victim in the Chhattarpur area of south Delhi and he told the police that there was a fight between the two over shifting household items for Mumbai.
Aftab who was arrested recently had attempted to dupe the police of Delhi and Mumbai in initial days of investigation.
Aftab has tried to hide the murder of Shraddha by removing any physical evidence, however he had left the digital evidence that the police traced to reach the truth of the case. When Delhi police initiated the probe, Aftab told the police that Shraddha had left the house on may 22 after a fight.
He told police that Shraddha had only carried her phone with herself and had left her belongings in his flat. He claimed that she is unreachable and he had not come into contact with her since then. However, the truth came to fore when the police checked the phone call records of the couple and investigated their locations.
The Delhi police is at the job of finding the head of slain Shraddha. The Delhi police commissioner has ordered Delhi police to find out the dead body of the Shraddha and he should be told about it.
The Saket court has increased the custody for five days to police remand to Aftab. The lawyers in Delhi were demanding death sentence to Aftab and the Delhi police had to work hard to control and pacify the lawyers in Delhi. Besides this Hindu organizations were also protesting for giving justice to Shraddha and his family and they were demanding severe punishment for the Aftab for committing the heinous crime in most terrific way unheard in human history.
The hearing of the Shraddha case was conducted through video conferencing. It is good that Delhi police is working on war footing on the Shraddha murder case. The three teams of Delhi police have gone to Mumbai Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and HP.
The Maharashtra resident Shraddha and Aftab had gone to HP and Uttarakhand some days before this carnage. Aftab is changing his statements time and again. One shudders to think was the live in relationship and love jihad only reasons for the murder of Shraddha in a most brutal way. The live in relationship may not be the sole reason for committing this dastardly murder of Shraddha.
The fact that Shraddha had not heard the admonitions and suggestions of her parents but had reposed trust in his live in partner who committed the crime of strangulating Shraddha and tore her into pieces and thus betrayed the trust of Shraddha and the police is yet to be collect the pieces of the body of Shraddha for cremation.
It is very unfortunate that some people who are brutes are defending the criminal Aftab by saying that he is psychopath but the fact is that he is a hardened criminal and has executed the gruesome murder in most planned manner and therefore the question of his mental illness does not arise and is unacceptable.
In short, Aftab should be awarded the death sentence by speedy judicial trail to give justice to slain Shraddha and her family so that such barbaric incidents will not happen in future and there will be no Shraddha in future.
(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist).