Mongari residents protest against merging of DDC constituency



UDHAMPUR: Residents of different Panchayt of Tehsil Mongari held a protest against the district administration for cancellation and to merge all Panchyat DDC constituency with Panchari DDC constituency.
Large number of local residents of Tehsil Mongari led by Sarpanch Hans Raj Thakur came on the road to mark their protest against the District administration to cancellation of all Panchyat of Tehsil Mongari DDC constituency and merge with DDC constituency of Panchari. Protestor raised slogans against the administration and urged Govt. to revoke anti people decision. Thakur said DDC constituency merger decision changed by administration is not justified for the residents of debarred Panchyat of Tehsil Mongari. He said this was their democratic right for which they have been deprived against their will. He said Tehsil Mongari have very wide and far flung area and not possible to attached with Panchari DDC constituency keeping in view development of the remote belt.
He urged the district administration and state Govt. to revoke anti people decision and create separate DDC constituency of Tehsil Mongari so that people cannot be deprived of their democratic and constitutional rights.


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