Modi Govt plugged corruption through DBT mode: Balbir



JAMMU: People of the country still remember the statement of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi publically accepting the deep rooted corruption prevailing in the system. But now the things are not same and Narendra Modi government has brought drastic changes in the system, which has plugged the menace of corruption in monetary transactions.
Balbir Ram Rattan, Spokesperson, Jammu and Kashmir, BJP, said this while referring to the public statement of Rajiv Gandhi during a visit in 1985 to drought-affected Kalahandi district in Odisha, wherein he had said that of every rupee sent from the Centre, only 15 paise reached the intended beneficiary.
Balbir said that whatever Rajiv Gandhi had stated was seen on ground because of the role of middlemen and Commission agents, who had a fix percent of share in every matter which involved money.
“When BJP formed its government at the Centre in 2014, Narendra Modi, after taking over as Prime Minister, had given an assurance to the countrymen of good governance with no space for corruption and middlemen”, Balbir said and added that the PM has fulfilled his slogan of ‘Naa Khayunga Naa Khaane Dunga’ and it is in this direction that corruption has become a talk of the past.
Today, if Centre sends rupee one, it reaches to the beneficiary in total with no cut of commission or bribe. It has been possible after adopting Direct Bank Transfer ( DBT) mode by Modi government. Now money directly reaches into the bank account of the beneficiary, he said.
The Spokesperson said that the Centre has sanctioned Rs 5.5 lakh per family as compensation in favour of refugees from West Pakistan and PoK and thousands among them have received full payments, without any deduction or commission. Similarly, each installment of rupees two thousand for a farmer is getting directly transferred in the account through DBT.
There are numerous such instances, where total transparency is visible because of the commitment of the Narendra Modi government which has rooted out corruption at all levels and in all matters, including the much talked about Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).


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