Modi Govt must accept reality in corona crisis: Ashok


RAMBAN: Ashok Kumar former MLA Ramban from Ramban and a Senior Congress leader has said that the people of India have lost faith in BJP handling of governance in the current corona crisis. In a statement issued here, he said in such a grave National crisis the Modi government have to rise above the politics in order to save the lives of large population. Ashok stated that unless government accept the failure they cannot address the current corona crisis. It becomes imperative for the BJP Government at Centre to accept the failure of handling National crisis under second wave and diagnosis the loopholes in fight against the current pandemic in India accordingly. BJP Government must accept the reality for the better of Nation. This is the called true Nationalism for India at this juncture, he added. Ashok cautioned government that the virus is now being largely transmitted to rural areas of India. It becomes essential for government to opt for door to door testing, tracing and treatment with transparency. Ashok further said that Government should constitute new special Cabinet Committee and Emergency Council along with taking Opposition in confidence for collectively mitigating the virus. Such crisis requires entire leadership, Scientific experts, Business elites, beaurocracy, NGOs and all institutions. Government should focus on Collective efforts rather than portraying this crisis as one man army job. “He added”. Ashok has appealed to government to enhance the supplies of RT-PCR test and re-test for all covid-19 positive patients. He also demanded oximeter and other essential medicine to mild and moderate covid-19 patients. People should understand that the current crisis in our country is everyone’s war.