Mockers silenced with announcement of jobs for youth: Raman


NC, Cong, PDP betrayed youth


JAMMU: Coming down heavily on Congress, NC and PDP for mocking the Union Government on increasing unemployment, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) J&K Executive Member Raman Suri on Sunday said that the announcement of Twenty-Five Thousand Jobs for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir is answer to the vague allegations by opposition parties, who themselves did nothing but merely betrayed the youth in over 70 years. Raman Suri said, the announcement of new jobs for youth by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the floor of Parliament justifies the fact that BJP Government has prioritised J&K’s prosperity and development post-abrogation of Article 370, which is why special reference of jobs for youth has been made and the move towards that, has also been initiated. Formation of Youth Mission by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is another step towards making our youth self-reliant and making them contribute in developmental activities. Setting up missions at district level will engage youth in sports, development, employment and other social activities, which is also needed for the hour. Accusing opposition parties like NC, Congress and PDP of misguiding youth, doing least for them and not creating enough jobs since last 70 years, Raman Suri said young boys and girls of Jammu as well as Kashmir have realised that their future lies in education, self-reliance, employment and other avenues that both the UT as well as Union Government are creating for them.
He questioned, why is that young boys confronted with the forces during NC, PDP regime? Why is that youth pelted stones during Congress regime? Why is that youth never trusted previous governments and why is that the same young lot is today looking forward towards development, peace, prosperity and engagement in socio-economic upliftment of society as a whole.
Seeking answers from NC, PDP and Congress, Raman Suri asserted that these parties were still trying to raise unrealistic expectations of youth by shouting that they will repeal the abrogation of Article 370, which has gone for good. He added, to the dismay of opposition, now young boys and girls know the truth and have accepted this change, that was extremely essential for development and progress of J&K.


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