Mobile phone addiction


Dear Editor,
Advancements in technology have simplified our day to-day life. One of the examples of these advancements is cell phones, which have become the basic necessities in both personal and professional life and especially during this COVID time mobile is the only medium to keep things going.
Children attend online classes on mobile phone; work from home is another reason due to which we all are addicted to mobile phones these days. But, despite of its uses in our daily life, it is important to be aware of its demerits as well.
Mobile phone is a very useful and essential gadget in our daily life. When used in moderation, it does not cause much harm. It is badonly when people use it unnecessarily and excessively, it leads to troubles. Talking over mobile phones for several minutes to hours over useless and insignificant topics is simply a time wastage.
It is one of the commonest abuses of this technological gadget. Doctors keep cautioning people that excessive and continuous use of phones is harmful for health of a person. The rays that emit from these phones can lead to hearing problems and can impact other organs too, over a prolonged period of excessive usage.
Another common abuse is listening to high volume music. This is especially seen among teenagers who have a tendency to keep their phone in their pockets and put ear phones in their ears. It is a very common sight among youngsters these days.
Mobile phones can be very annoying sometimes. Its multipurpose use, and easy accessibility to internet has created problems related to user’s privacy. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to enter the phone number in every form or a new facility, that we wish to take, due to which people get annoyed by unwanted and unnecessary marketing calls, aiming to sell their product.
People get disturbed taking calls from marketing executives, insurance agents, etc. to buy their product, avail loan etc. despite not interested in any of these services.
Widespread use of these phones has reduced face to face interaction between people.
Now a days, people simply take their cell phone and dial a number. Meetings and in-person interactions are now replaced by phone calls. Our interaction has become limited to a comment on social networking websites or a chat over phone.
Not just to professionals and youths, mobile phones are also harmful for students too. Lack of supervision and control can easily make them addicted to internet. They do not know the appropriate use of internet and many times, can fall prey to fraudsters.
Most of the students these days are additive to their mobile phones a lot. They are found playing online games, watching movies on chatting with friends all the time. When their eyes are glued to their phone screen all the time, then when will they get the time to study, which will definitely lead them to poor grades. Moreover, it will affect their health and vision too.
Research has claimed that mobile phones cause a negative influence on a person’s health. If you use cell phone for longer hours, it can lead to acute health issues. Prolonged exposure to cell phones, in the form of talking or looking at screen, can cause strain to your eyes.
The blue light emitting from this device can impair the working of your brain that can lead to several critical ailments. People who have a habit of checking their phones even at the time of sleeping, experience eye-sight related problems, headache, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness and headache.
With growing use of mobile phones, people have become disconnected to their own family members. Nowadays, parents want to talk to their children, when they reach home after work, but they are found to be busy on this technology gadget. An addiction to mobile phones has made people less empathetic and sensitive too.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to appeal all to use technology wisely and do not make it an addiction. Excess of everything is bad. Now with things coming back to track, by following proper guidelines we must encourage our children to do physical activities and not just remain confined to couches with mobile in hand.
Heena Sharma,
Sainik Colony.